All New Weber Genesis Grill Line: Completely Redesigned for 2022: Quick Review

By contrast I found the burgers from the Char-Broil grill juicier, and with more flavor. Over on the Better Business Bureau site, they’re rated A+, and the few negative reviews are mainly from complainers who could probably never be made happy, anyway. As you can see in the photos in the carousel above, I also manage to smoke roast with this grill. I bought a small wood chip box that sits nicely under the grates, load it with wood chips, and can add a nice smoky flavor to foods, such as with this spatchcock chicken. One point we are always stressing is the importance of owning a good digital probe thermometer. In a nutshell, George happened upon the idea of cutting a buoy, the main product of Weber Brothers, in half.

Shop your favorite products and we’ll find the best deal with a single click. The Genesis II produced patties with a decent crust but considerable char too. Searing for too long or at too high heat levels gives food burnt charcoal flavors I’d rather do without. Unfortunately the insides of these burgers were also on the dry side.

Still, $950 all-in is a heck of a lot of cash to spend on a grill, especially for the more casual outdoor cook. For the second test, I bumped up the dials a tiny fraction above their midpoint, and the temperature inside the grill rocketed up to 460 degrees in 30 minutes where it stayed. White meat from the breast was slightly dry, however, and overcooked. After that I arranged the patties on the grill in a rectangular pattern with 1.5 to 2 inches spacing between them.

weber genesis 2

5 stars 1036 reviews (79%) have given this product a 5 star rating. 5 ★ 1036 reviews (79%) have given this product a 5 star rating. Weber has a large FAQ section that covers a huge range of topics such as warranty, problems with the portable bbq grills, and how-to guides. Since you’re going to be dropping a few hundred dollars on this grill, it’s important to know how the customer service holds up. You can use this handy little app to monitor your grill while cooking.

This is a convenient perk that’s shared by the original Genesis line and the upgraded II series. The Genesis II E-330, on the other hand, has an open cart-style weber genesis 2 design. This might be more appealing if you prefer easy access to the catch pan. It also gives you a handy shelf for storing tools or other supplies.

While this piece of equipment will set you back an extra $100, it is a small price to pay when looking to upgrade your cooking experience. At the base of the unit, you will find plenty of storage space, including 6 hooks where you can hang your utensils. They offer less temperature variation, allowing an even heat across the entire grill. The propane tank is kept inside an enclosed cabinet at the bottom of the grill. Ever since Weber came out with their Genesis II E-310, there has been quite a lot of skepticism surrounding this gas grill.