Weber Genesis II S-335 61006001 Grill Review

Two side tables add ample room for prep, and the enameled lid includes a built-in thermometer. The Special Edition Weber Genesis II SE-310 features three stainless steel high-performance burners that produce 39,000 BTUs of power. Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates and Flavorizer bars ensure a consistent temperature for succulent, juicy meat. This 3-burner gas grill is framed by two large, stainless steel tables for all your grilling needs.

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Each style has definite benefits, and which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. However, we prefer the ergonomic lids and durable oversized wheels that are available on the Genesis II models. Neither will affect the grill’s performance, but we think they’re easier on the eyes. The regular Genesis portable bbq II grills are designed to appeal to everyday grillers, while the II LX models are geared toward die-hard BBQ fans. With the Genesis II line, Weber has attempted to ramp up the quality of their products. In addition to updating the overall design, they’ve made the burners and ignition systems more efficient.

The baseline features are 3 burners with each 13,000 BTU cooking power. The other gas-grilling weak spot I hoped this Weber could overcome is obtaining a good, hard sear. I picked up a ribeye and let the grill preheat for 15 minutes, portable bbq which left the heat deflectors glowing orange. I patted the steak dry, salted and peppered it, then set it on the grill and let it rip for five minutes on a dial setting Weber calls High+, the LX line’s version of going to 11.

With the updated line, it appears that Weber is attempting to designate the style based on the last number used in the model’s name. Grills that end in the number 5 have a cabinet-style design, while the number 0 designates an open-cart model. For example, the E-330 weber charcoal grill is cart-style, while the E-335 features closed cabinets. In 2017, Weber updated its popular Genesis models with the introduction of the Genesis II line. What are the differences between these grills, and how might the changes affect your grilling experience?

All the components of the Genesis II grills are included in the warranty, which excludes the damage that comes about due to regular use. For the Genesis II grills, Weber introduced the new E2i ignition system. The principle is largely the same, but we find the newer models to be more efficient and reliable overall.

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The grill offers 380 square inches of cooking area , which is 133 square inches less than the three-burner grill. Though small, we were able to employ indirect heat by turning off one burner and moving the items to the cool side after searing. Even though this essentially reduced our cooking area by half, we were still able to fit all the food we needed to cook to feed four people. The heat was consistently even, with no hot or cold spots, no matter where we placed the items. The grates themselves are porcelain-coated cast iron, and we found that they held in the heat well to deliver excellent grill marks. They’re actually reversible—on one side, the bars are skinnier, which is purportedly better for delicate items that stick, such as fish.