Weber Genesis II S-335 61006001 Grill Review

The Genesis series of gas grills has invariably been one of the most popular lines of gas grills among BBQ enthusiasts across the globe, consistently yielding fantastic results. Moreover, the Genesis upgrades are an exciting development for the culinary industry. Had I seen it in person, weber genesis 2 I would have still ordered this color, so not really an issue. Weber may be the most common household name when it comes to outdoor grills, but Char-Broil comes in a close second. And both brands have a premium 2-burner grill—the Weber Genesis and the Char-Broil Signature.

If you’re used to the empty soup tin hanging under the firebox, this will seem revolutionary. All these parts are high-end, featuring superior construction and functionality. They aren’t individually groundbreaking, but together they provide a noticeable step-up from your average gas grill, and even from lower-cost Weber barbecues. The Genesis II grills we tested appear here in order from basic to bristling with features. With the Weber Genesis II series, Weber streamlined the iconic Genesis design which some believe has been long overdue for a significant makeover. Genesis series grills now come equipped with either an open-structure design or cabinet design based on the needs of each individual griller.

An indication of the sturdiness of the gas grill, based on our rigidity test and judgments of our expert testers. Evaluates the temperature after a 10 minute preheat using thermocouples. It also gives an indication how quickly the grill reaches its maximum temperature. Once shipped, items usually arrive within 3-5 business days.

weber genesis 2

This is a convenient perk that’s shared by the original Genesis line and the upgraded II series. The Genesis II E-330, on the other hand, has an open cart-style design. This might be more appealing if you prefer easy access to the catch pan. It also gives you a handy shelf for storing tools or other supplies.

As an upgrade from a starter grill, or an alternative to a full-on outdoor kitchen, this is a terrific choice. Your best bet is to register your new grill with Weber online. Should there ever be a problem, give them a toll-free call seven days a week, send an email, or use their online form to launch a warranty claim.

About 2 months after taking ownership, I added a cast iron grill to one half of the cooking area so I have the best of both worlds, I now have 1/2 stainless, 1/2 cast iron cooking surface. Grill cover has held up well and has kept the grill looking like new. Only somewhat negative is my disappointed with the Weber Grill add on lights that attached to the handle, they did no last a year. Good news is they were quickly replaced by Weber, free of charge when I called to inquire about how to get replacement parts.

If you authorize the shipping company to leave the delivery without a signature, BBQGuys can’t be held responsible for damages that occur during delivery. If you’re ready to take gas grilling to a new level, click here to check out the Genesis II E-310. When comparing weber q the Weber Genesis, this grill comes up most often. With three burners and porcelain grates, it is quite similar to Genesis. Another handy feature on this Weber grill is its fuel gauge which allows you to determine how much fuel is left in your tank.

With two of three burners going on a windy day, this is a big flop. The Weber Genesis II line is made in Made in North America where as the Spirit II is made overseas. A distinct difference is the lid, the Genesis II lid is double insulated steel whereas the Spirit II is much thinner.