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While gas pressure washers require more maintenance, they’re not the only kind t… One of our favorite details on the SunJoe is that the hose connections are easily accessible. westinghouse pressure washers Also, the garden hose connection is on a different side of the machine’s body than the high-pressure hose connection to reduce the possibility of tangling.

Sun Joe offers a variety of detergents depending on your specific needs. For general household cleaning, we recommend our House and Deck Wash All-Purpose Cleaner. For a deeper clean, you’ll love our Heavy Duty All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser. We also offer a Car Wash Soap and Cleaner to help keep your vehicles clean.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is powered by electricity so you never have to worry about running out of gas or draining a battery. As long as you have a power source, you can keep cleaning all day long with the Sun Joe SPX3000. The power cord has GFCI, or a ground fault circuit interrupter, for an extra layer of safety. If you are the original owner and use the pressure washer for household use, then you’ll get full coverage for 2-years.

When it comes to cleaning grungy patio furniture, dirt-encrusted siding, and oily driveways, power washers are an indispensable tool. Read our article to find out which companies make the best ones. The SunJoe is my third power washer, and the first electric. ALL power washers I have owned have a detergent bottle. Use the soap, let it rest per detergent instructions and wash off under pressure. The detergent tanks are removable, which helps to avoid spills and makes them easier to empty.

As far as storing the machine goes, it is fairly bulky when compared to some smaller models, but is nowhere near the biggest. It is tall, but it’s not very long or wide, it can easily be rolled into the corner of the garage or a workshop. One great advantage that electric pressure washers such as the SPX3000 have over gasoline models is the freedom from fossil fuels and fumes, which allows you to store them indoors. Cleaning dirt and grime outside requires more than a broom and some elbow grease. You need the strength of a tool like the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer behind your cleaning.

The biggest problem most home gardeners face when starting seeds is getting the right amount of water to seedlings when and how they need it. To use detergent, turn the dial to use the left or right detergent tank and adjust to set the concentration. Pressure washing brings a ton of benefits for your home or any building, most of which you probably did not know. I called SunJoe tech support and tried things they suggested. They thought maybe the spray gun was bad so swapped it from my 3000. Went through all kinds of troubleshooting steps and still no improvement.

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All the parts have onboard storage, so keeping up with nozzles and hoses shouldn’t be difficult. Once assembled, hook up the Sun Joe Pressure Washer to water. New technology in universal motor construction means unparalleled performance and efficiency – your pressure washer will last longer, run quieter, and work cooler than those with traditional motors.