Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Cup Coffee Maker, Black

Your attention was focused on the two boxes that appeared to contain the same product but had a gap in price that would imply that one is different than the other. The point is that sometimes the differences are minute, and it comes down to price and how that affects options. Without the “Strong Brew” feature, the water travels through the grounds at a standard flow rate.

keurig k mini coffee maker

To be clear however I don’t think the Mixpresso is the best k-cup coffee maker made, just the best small inexpensive unit. Click through to see my list of best Keurigs this year. All coffee machines need regular cleaning and descaling, and the Keurig Mini is no different.

However, if you’re searching for an easy-to-use machine with extra features, you may need to look elsewhere. Do you enjoy delicious coffee but find yourself limited on space? You may feel like you’re the only person in the world who needs a miniature yet stylish coffee machine, but trust us when we say you’re not alone. Great little one cup coffee maker and a wonderful choice of colors. It’s also the noisiest Keurig machine we’ve tested, outputting 80 decibels of sound at the end of its brew cycle. Like all Keurigs, the heating cycle is low volume, but when it comes to brewing, its biggest noisemaker is the sputtering at the end of filling a cup.

Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus are aimed squarely at those with limited countertop space. Plus, Keurig recommends that you descale your machine every three to six months to keep it safe, clean, and functioning well. The K Mini Plus operates pretty quickly, so it’s still doable, but you won’t be able to set a timer for yourself.

The machine has a strong brew button for a stronger flavor. The coffee maker is very low-maintenance and easy to clean. This machine is a very small, convenient size perfect for small spaces and single homes.

It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to move around or pack up for your next move. Overall, we do think Keurig stamped the price tag a bit too high on this one. This machine is certainly simple and convenient, but there are many other coffee makers in the same price range that have more features and functionality. While this is certainly an excellent option for some people, it’s also true that the K Mini Plus may not be ideal for all coffee lovers.

It is still very low cost compared to the Keurigs and it is only slightly more expensive than the base unit Flexbrew unit. The Keurig model also heats and pumps water with the most power – 1470 watts. The Chulux and Mixpresso models only use 800 while Hamilton Beach and Chefman keurig single cup drip coffee makers use only 1000 watts. As a side note the Mixpresso is only 9.1 inches tall coming in at a close second while the Keurig is nearly three inches taller standing 12.1 inches high. Let’s get started with the reviews beginning with my video review which I’ve embedded below.

Its compact size makes it a step above the larger K-Classic, and its one-button brew cycle makes it the simplest machine in the Keurig line. While the K-Classic may have a larger water reservoir, the K-Mini basically performs the same job at a hamilton beach dual coffee maker lower cost and with less counter space. Plus, it can brew K-Cups up to 12-ounces — the K-Classic has a cap of 10. Its stow-away power cord makes it easy to hide unwanted visual clutter and easier to bring the K-Mini along for a weekend trip.