Keurig K-Mini review: a mini machine with surprising design?

This range of drinks options is one of the main reasons that Keurig machines are second only to drip coffee makers in popularity in the US. Overall, the K Mini Plus is an excellent design from keurig k mini coffee maker a well-trusted and beloved brand in the world of coffee. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who has minimal space, lives on their own, and just enjoys a good, old-fashioned cup of coffee.

Its compact size makes it a step above the larger K-Classic, and its one-button brew cycle makes it the simplest machine in the Keurig line. While the K-Classic may have a larger water reservoir, the K-Mini basically performs the same job at a lower cost and with less counter space. Plus, it can brew K-Cups up to 12-ounces — the K-Classic has a cap of 10. Its stow-away power cord makes it easy to hide unwanted visual clutter and easier to bring the K-Mini along for a weekend trip.

In fact, you have to refill the reservoir for every cup, so you can’t even continually hit the brew button. So, not only does the K keurig single cup drip coffee makers Mini perform for a long time, but it performs well. When you brew with this Keurig model, you get fast results and a great flavor.

It takes just over two minutes for the K-Mini to warm up and brew a single cup of coffee. While testing, the shortest recorded brew time was two minutes flat, and the longest two minutes and 30 seconds. This is lightning quick, but it may be the culprit of why K-Cups don’t always taste all that great.

keurig k mini coffee maker

While that might sound like a detriment, it helps speed up the brewing process since the coffee maker only has to heat up a small amount of water. This gives you a fresh, hot cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes. Even though it’s small in size, it has a big opening for larger coffee cups, allowing you to use a mug or travel mug up to 7 inches tall with no problem. If you’re comfortable investing a few extra bucks, the K-Mini Plus is clearly the better of the two machines. The “Strong Brew” function makes all the difference for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a strong drink. Meanwhile, the removable water reservoir cuts out a lot of hassle while cleaning the coffee maker.