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The additional steel in the center of the knife helps distribute the weight and makes for a comfortable, balanced grip. While Henckels offers more collections than Cuisinart, the company doesn’t feature as much variety in design; many of its collections look similar. While a stamped blade is thinner and more flexible, a forged blade is much more resilient, harder, thicker, and holds an edge better than a stamped blade.

If you’re starting a collection from scratch, a chef’s knife should be your first addition. From there, add a paring knife for doing more detailed work. From there, check out my guide to essential kitchen knives for the at-home cook to see if you need any more for the style of food you want to cook. Utility knives are mid-sized knives used for miscellaneous cutting. The blade is anywhere from 4 to 7 inches, larger than a paring knife but not as larger as a chef’s knife. The utility knife is good for cutting larger vegetables and sandwich meats that are not large enough for a chef’s knife.

Forged blades are formed from a single piece of molten metal while stamped blades are punched out of a large sheet of steel. In general, forged blades are sturdier and hold an edge longer. They have comfortable handles with Cookware Sets a bolster, or a band of metal, to ease the transition to the blade and provide protection to your hand. In addition, they have a full tang, which means the blade runs all the way through the handle to give you good control.

The primary reason Cuisinart uses this steel is that it’s cheap. Using cheaper steel allows them to sell affordable knives, even if the edge retention, stain resistance, and overall quality suffer as a result. Henckels uses X50CrMoV15 stainless steel for all of its blades.

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We were pretty turned off by this detail and it seemed to cheapen the otherwise high-end appearance. One of the largest options on the list, it has everything from a classic chef’s knife to a Japanese santoku to six steak knives. They are Cookware Sets all dishwasher safe and have a great price considering the hundreds of years of premium European craftsmanship to their name. The hammered finish of the Artisan series helps ingredients to slide off of your knife rather than stick to it.

It depends on how strong your magnetic strip is. These knives stick fine with the blade guards on. Not sure on the warranty on this product it was bought as a Christmas gift.