Weber Genesis vs Genesis II New Design Brings Needed Refresh to Iconic Genesis Grills

The takeaway is that you can expect some trial and error before you find the path to delicious ribs from this Weber. The Genesis II turned in mixed results on our beer can chicken test, designed to assess how well a grill operates at medium heat. I again used one of the grill’s probes to tell me when the internal temperature reached 165 degrees. I also set the left and right burners to the midway mark as indicated by on their dials.

The Genesis series of gas grills has invariably been one of the most popular lines of gas grills among BBQ enthusiasts across the globe, consistently yielding fantastic results. Moreover, the Genesis upgrades are an exciting development for the culinary industry. Had I seen it in person, I would have still ordered this color, so not really an issue. Weber may be the most common household name when it comes to outdoor grills, but Char-Broil comes in a close second. And both brands have a premium 2-burner grill—the Weber Genesis and the Char-Broil Signature.

In fact, the midsized Weber Genesis II LX S-340 grill is the best of the Weber Genesis II grills we tested, scoring high enough to make our list of top picks. Heating evenness was excellent, and preheating and indirect cooking were just a notch below that. • The propane tank has been relocated to the right side of the grill, making it easier to change, and two of the four casters have been replaced by wheels. Weber revamped its iconic Genesis grill line this year, rolling out eight new grills that step up in size, features, and price, from two-burner to six-burner.

For sheer reliability, ease of use, and built-to-last longevity, Weber comes out on top. Each burner puts out about 13,000 BTUs each per hour, for a total of 26,000 BTUs, which is consistent with the single-burner output of the three- and four-burner Genesis grills. But the more burners, the more BTUs, and the faster the grill heats up.

To learn how we use your information, see our privacy policy. Use a stainless steel brush or a wooden barbecue paddle, you’ll find some good options in our best grill cleaning tools roundup. weber q Part of your regular maintenance routine will be emptying the grease pan. The open cart makes it easy to access this pan, and if there’s any build-up, just remove it with a plastic scraper.

Two burners could reach higher temps quickly, leaving just a third of the grill available for indirect grilling. On the grill grate of the three-burner model I tested, which is just over 500 square inches, that’s probably enough space to cook for a family of four, but not much more than that. The Weber Genesis II E-210 offers 380 sq inch primary cooking space plus the 114 sq inch added by the warming rack. The Spirit offers 360 square inches with a 90 square inch warming rack. The cooking grates on Genesis E models are made of porcelain-coated cast iron. These clean up easily and impart impressive-looking grill marks to boot.

While UPS and FedEx are our carriers for smaller items, be aware that larger items and orders are shipped via freight. All Weber Genesis ll Gas Grills come pre wired for the iGrill 3. The iGrill 3 Smart Grilling Thermometer is the ultimate grilling tool that makes it easy to achieve grilling perfection. It mounts to your grill allowing you to monitor your food straight from your phone. This is my first Weber and after so many other brands I am sold on the quality and robust assembly of Weber products.

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This grill also has a little bit more power than the E-310, but not as much space or features. However, if you manage to get them dirty, just give them a quick wipe down since they are made from stainless steel; that’s what I did, and it can’t go any easier than this. Another thing I love about Genesis II is the wedge-shaped bars, designed to protect the burners from grease and drippings.

Unfortunately the Genesis failed this first attempt, requiring almost 4 hours for its probe to hit the magic number. The temperature inside the grill box hovered at around 250 degrees with the left and right burner dials at the medium setting. After seeing the test through to the weber genesis 2 end , the chicken was inedible. Its skin was as leathery as a football and the flesh inside was watery, mushy and thoroughly unappetizing. All of the various iGrill models link to the Weber mobile app, which lets you monitor the Genesis II wirelessly from a distance of 30 feet.

IGrill is Weber’s bluetooth thermometer system, complete with phone app so you can monitor what’s happening on your grill without even being there. The device needs to be purchased separately, but the Genesis II grills are already outfitted to receive the temperature probes. You have your flavorizer bars, catching some of the grease drip and turning it into delicious smoke to really give your food that barbecued taste. Looking towards the bottom though, the enclosed cabinet standard on the old Genesis grills is gone, and you now have an open design. The closed cabinet has now been moved exclusively to the Genesis LX series, a luxury series of grills that feature a lot more bells and whistles.