Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill Review

Weber’s warranty covers burner hoods on the 2022 Genesis models and all parts on the Spirit II models for 10 years. Or you could find third-party options that claim higher performance and long lifespans (though we haven’t tested these claims ourselves). We wish the bars of the Spirit II E-310’s warming racks ran front to back, parallel to the main grates, like they do on our upgrade pick, the Genesis E-325s. That way, you could easily slide a spatula under stuff that’s warming.

Being a simple and straightforward gas grill, the E-210 does not have an impressive number of main features. On the contrary, the device has two very basic burners, 360 square inches of porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and very little weber spirit 2 else. Somehow, though, using only these two main features, the grill manages to be versatile enough to facilitate a variety of cooking styles. Whether you require direct or indirect heat, the interior design of the unit allows it.

Note that the cast iron grates are not as wide as the opening between them. Reversible cooking grates aren’t unusual, but Spirit II grates are a little different than most. Spirit II reversible grates have a thin side which Weber believes is “ideal for food such as shrimp and fish”, and flat side which “creates a thick sear mark”. The ultimate goal is an evenly dark brown crust across the entire surface of the meat, which transforms dull, tan meat to a delicious flavorful crust thanks to the magical Maillard reaction.

Click here for more info on conduction, convection and radiant cooking. Additionally, the relatively small openings between the grates prevent items like shrimp from falling into the fire. Cooking temp on the Spirit II is pretty even, with the back of the grill running slightly hotter than the front.

We have also gathered info from the manufacturer, owners and other reliable sources. The Gerber Lockdown Pry comes packed with ten utility tools in a slim and lightweight profile that boasts modern weber spirit 2 aesthetics. Also, check out this article about how to properly lubricate your grill hinges and door latches so that you don’t have any trouble opening up or closing down your grill in the future.

It’s not often that a Weber grill gives us a reason to not like them, and the Spirit ii E-330 is no exception, and like most Weber grills it delivers on all fronts. For your warranty to stand and be honored, you must register your new grill at Weber’s website. The base unit then connects to your smart device via an app allowing you to see what is happening with your cook without having to stand next to the grill.