Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS Gas Grill

Click here for more info on conduction, convection and radiant cooking. Additionally, the relatively small openings between the grates prevent items like Blackstone Adventure shrimp from falling into the fire. Cooking temp on the Spirit II is pretty even, with the back of the grill running slightly hotter than the front.

However, stainless steel doesn’t hold as much heat as cast iron. So it’s possible the E-325s might not deliver as dark a sear on foods as the Spirit II models. But for the average home griller, the difference in performance between the two would hardly be noticeable.

The Spirit II is an improvement to the Spirit on any levels. With its excellent GS4 grilling system, tech-friendly twist better warranty options and compact footprint, grilling becomes a lot more versatile. Having said that, regardless of which model you choose, with Weber you can expect nothing less than the best grilling experience. If you’re interested in the Weber Spirits it is probably worth checking out the differences of the Spirit to the Genesis series as well.

This is especially true since it isn’t equipped with even one side burner. One of the interesting features of the Weber Spirit II E 310 review is that it has just two wheels instead of the typical four wheels. Yes, it can make moving the grill around a little trickier, but it’s nice to have that added stability while grilling. This is especially true if you are balancing food items on the two side tables on either side of the grill – another nice touch. Many gas grills also come in a natural-gas version, usually with a different model number that includes an “N” for natural gas.

The really important part is that the entire heat-delivery system—the firebox, burners, and burner hoods—has a much greater effect on the overall results of your food. And all those elements are of the same Blackstone Adventure great quality we’ve consistently seen on Weber grills. No matter the brand of grill, we don’t like to fully rely on built-in thermometers. They’re fine for getting a rough idea of how hot your grill is.