Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Plus, the DJ’s practice sets always happen without any warning, so it’s hard to make a plan in advance. On the bottom of the ear cups you’ll find a microUSB charging port (not sure why microUSB is still being used in the current world of USB Type-C or Lightning) and an aux jack for wired use. Of course, the wire is a secondary option, which we always appreciate. The main course with this headphone is not only wireless capability but noise-cancellation. A detachable cable allows the headphones to be used for noise canceling without the cord being connected to a music or video player, or dangling from the headset.

beats studio3

The Beats have a more neutral sound profile, especially in the mid-range, while still sounding exciting. Their ANC feature blocks more noise than the Skullcandy’s and the provided case is better. On the other hand, the Skullcandy can connect to two devices, and their bass isn’t as prone to inconsistencies as the Beats.

When you first unbox these headphones, just power them on and hold them next to your iOS device like an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. A little window will appear showing the Studio3, in your chosen color, twirling around and asking you if you want to pair. Click “accept” and these will be linked with your iCloud account and available for quick switching across your Apple devices. The Studio3s have two microphones that pick up ambient noises and voices, along with a software element that analyzes the sound.

True Wireless in-ears with effective noise cancelling and very good… On the other hand, there’s a pleasant punch and thrust when bass-heavy productions are played on the Beats Studio3, without the annoyances that plagued earlier Beats models. Now it’s time to delve into the sound capabilities of the Beats Studio3 Wireless. We’ll use our for the purpose of this test. The first track is the 2012 Mix/Master of Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Symphony”.

The Studio3 Wireless are lightweight, compact, and everything you’d expect from wireless headphones. They weigh 9.17oz, which is on par with other headphones, like the 9oz Sony WH-1000XM3. You shouldn’t have too much of an issue with weight here for long-term use.

That being said, any pressure is compensated for by impressive adjustment possibilities. You can pull the earpieces out by 2.8 mm, while quality padding on the earpieces and headband ensures you can wear these for long periods of time without worrying about things getting uncomfortable. Sounds from the beats studio3 city outside of the window and beyond were effectively dampened as though the window had been closed. Noise and clatter produced when carrying out daily chores is also dampened effectively when wearing the headphones, with this external noise sounding as though it might be coming from another room.

Their ANC feature is also one of the best on the market and blocks noticeably more background noise than the Beats. On the other hand, the Beats will be slightly better-suited for bass-heavy genres, and they leak less than the Bose. They also have an in-line microphone for calls, which the Bose are lacking. The battery life of the Beats is about three hours longer than the Bose, but they don’t have a power-saving feature.