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When ready, quickly place your mouth back to the mouthpiece and inhale the rest of the smoke. A heavy-duty glass bowl securely fits in the universal 14 mm female downstem, but is easily removable and simple to clean. The lid doubles as a pad for working with your material while a magnetic ring, secured around the downstem, keeps anything metal, such as a lighter or stir tool, easily accessible. Built with covert compartments, your stash and material tool will be discreetly hidden for on-the-go use. With a freeze bong, you don’t have to worry about that! Instead of melting ice which makes your rips nice and cool, it’s the bong itself!

The ice pincher allows for ice to be added and held right above the water chamber. This serves as an extra cooling agent to allow your smoke to hit the ice and cool down before entering your lungs. A slitted downstem functions as a water diffuser which helps cool hot smoke down as well as filter out any cannabis ash or residue from being inhaled. Without one, smoke will be harsh and may even cause irritation in your lungs. Downstems can come in different designs and styles but all have the same function.

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Move your finger off that carb and clear the chamber of the bong as you inhale the smoke. If you are new to taking bong hits, go at your own pace, which may be different from your friends’. Any old gas station light will do the trick, but there are a lot of smokers that are moving away from disposable lighters and towards more renewable sources such as zippo lighters and butane torches. There is another growing wave of people who are going away glass pipes from lighter fluid and butane altogether and instead opting for natural options like hemp wicks or matches. Also, depending on the type of herb you are combusting, sometimes the lower burning options such as matches or hemp wicks are best to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids. So, while most of the time, any lighter will do the trick, you do have some choices and considerations when it comes to the flame that you choose for bong hits.

They are selling waterpipes, glass tobacco novelty pipes, etc. It’s the same reason people could buy wine glasses and beer mugs in the era of alcohol prohibition. Until the item is used to smoke drugs, it’s not drug paraphernalia; it is just a tobacco pipe, an odd-looking vase, or a piece of glass artwork. Lookah wants to clarify that all our glass pipes are for tobacco or other legal herb or concentrate use only.

Splash guards are a useful feature to prevent water splashing your lips as you inhale. Removable diffused downstems or percolators are a great water pipes way to create more bubbles, making a larger surface area to cool down your smoke. Explore the various features to make your bong work for you.

With so many bongs on the cannabis market, it’s no surprise to see so many different styles and types of vaporizers bongs and bongs. The major differences between these bongs are the material in which it’s made. Depending on the type, the material can and will affect the way in which your dry flowers taste. Ceramic and acrylic, for example, will slightly alter the taste profile of your buds. Silicone and glass are the more common water pipes and are typically the best methods of smoking cannabis, with glass being number one.