Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill

I had different manufactured grill in between my first one and this one and I was never really happy with it. I got 16 years out of my first one and hope to get 16 more out of this one. Here are some photos I took of these grills and comments on each. We purchased the Weber Genesis II E-210 Propane Grill so our reviewer could put it to the test.

Because the original line has been discontinued by Weber, it’s difficult to tell whether this change is true of all the Genesis II models. However, based on what we’ve been able to find, it’s a good bet. The original Genesis grills have a straight-edged, block-like appearance with a small footprint. The legs end in four locking caster wheels, which improve their stability when they’re in position. However, the wheels aren’t the sturdiest aspect of the construction. On the whole, any Genesis grill can be considered a mid-priced option.

All three burners are lit by the same ignition module and its corresponding igniter button. You have to supply it with AA disposable batteries, as you do with most other propane grills. Each of the burners have their own weather-resistant electrodes, however, to improve reliability.

One huge advantage of Weber’s Genesis II grill design is it’s a snap to clean. They’re also spaced out well so pulling the machine apart for maintenance is easy. Weber also built an elegant grease management system at the heart of the cooker. Any juices and drippings that make it past the burners are funneled towards a waiting disposable drip tray for collection. A component in Char-Broil’s “Tru-Infrared” grilling system, the plate is designed to absorb the heat from the burners, and use it to mimic the radiant heat you get from charcoal. The different cooking methods likely explain the results of my cooking tests, too.

weber genesis 2

An NYC native, Brian now resides in bucolic Louisville, Kentucky where he rides longboards downhill in his free time. Weber Genesis II models feature a choice of three or four burners, all rated at a healthy 37,500 BTU to provide ample heating power for any ingredients. What’s more, each burner is protected by removable bars to ward off grease while spreading heat more evenly, alongside weather-resistant electrodes for reliable ignition at all times.

The cooking surfaces will spread heat evenly, while the body of the grill will retain heat – especially with the lid closed. Similar to how this Weber grill treated burgers, the Genesis II pumped out more heat than was necessary. On both the 3 hour and the 3 hour 30 minute runs, the ribs were good but too crisp and dry for my taste. The solution lies with some different combination of cooking time and temperature, but within the confines of the time allotted for this review, I had to stop there.

The new infinity igniters that come with a 10 year warranty promises to take care of those lighting up hassles almost for good. Michael is the President of Angry BBQ and self proclaimed Pitmaster. He is always striving to make his brisket better than the last. If he’s not tweaking a rub, buying a different smoker or researching online you’ll find him playing guitar portable bbq or tinkering in the garage. Michael continues his culinary education by reading the latest BBQ books from masters such as Myron Mixon, Meathead Goldwyn and completing Master Class courses. Michael is a graduate of the Electronics Technology program from Saskatchewan Polytechnic which aids in the review of electrically assisted Grilling and Smoking equipment.

I ran three such tests of six 5.3-ounce burgers each pressed from the same hamburger press. I flipped all of the burners on high and gave the grill 10 minutes to preheat. The Genesis II range also includes optional iGrill 3 Weber thermometer compatibility, which allows wireless heat monitoring from up to 30 feet away. What’s more, you can also measure the temperature of the ingredients as they cook, helping to ensure perfectly tender results every time. I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible enjoy and be good at doing the same.