That works well for watering the grass or rinsing your boots off, but it won’t clean much. To do some serious work, a gas powered pressure washer provides plenty of power for most cleaning jobs without breaking your budget. A pressure washer makes short work of big cleaning projects . Because water sprays from a washer’s nozzle with such intensity, it can lift up and remove dirt, mildew, and grime that a regular garden hose simply can’t handle. Pressure washers are most often useful for cleaning decks, driveways, yard tools, house siding, fences, cars, and patio furniture.

westinghouse pressure washers

Simply, you have to adjust them as required to operate the washer for different cleaning tasks. GPM – Gallons Per Minute will let you know how many gallons of water is flowing through the pressure washer in a minute. Simply, the larger the GPM number, the greater will be its water output. The washer features a trolley-style mobile design allowing for portability.

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You may also find that once you have a pressure washer, you end up using it far more than you expected. The difference between cleaning with a pressure washer and rinsing something off with a hose is dramatic. In our tests, we took on projects we never would have otherwise, letting the pressure washers loose on all sorts of things—tomato cages, shovels, the kids’ red wagon, a soccer net.

So with enough care, you can definitely get out stubborn stains with the Generac and remove chipped paint from tougher surfaces. Given the build quality of those components, it was surprising that installing the wand storage piece on the unit was extremely difficult. This item is meant to be a rest for the wand when storing it on the unit. You have to maneuver a clip into a lower part of the washer body that requires flexing hard plastic; we were not able to accomplish this after repeated attempts. Tougher cleaning jobs like decks are possible but can be slow.

It’s the only one we’ve been able to just push in to attach with an auto click and lock system. Perhaps the others have more solid designs because of the higher power they provide. Ironically, this machine didn’t generate enough force to chip any paint sun joe spx 3000 off the board in our test. One thing that concerned us about The Force was water drips out the back when you remove the water-supply hose on this unit. It seems dangerous because water just sprays into the open grates on the back of the machine.

The ePX3050 Electric Pressure Washer is a solid budget-focused offering from Westinghouse Outdoor Power that doesn’t sacrifice performance or quality. This pressure washer from Westinghouse is gas-powered and claims 3200 psi max with 2.5 gpm. It comes with 5 nozzle tips, solid wheels, and the cleaning tip is replaceable. A gas pressure washer is one that uses gas instead of electricity for power. 【Pressure Washing Power】This electric power washer can generate up to 1800 watts of power, giving you the max cleaning powet of 3500 PSI and 2.6GPM. Tar, grease, oil stains, rust, and other stubborn gunk and grime are easily cleaned thanks to the Rock and Rocker high-pressure washer.

It represents how much water is released through the nozzle in a minute. Usually, you can get gas pressure washers with GPM westinghouse pressure washers between 2.0 to 5.0. If your Westinghouse pressure washer won’t start after sitting, there are a few things you can check.