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We were surprised by the power of this unit’s 900W, considering its size. The push button commands are intuitive and include a convenient 30-second quick touch option. The stainless steel and red color options will match the decor of most kitchens. The settings are easy to use and it is easy to keep clean. The oven’s design is very sleek and it fits on my stand very nicely.

It needed to be cleaned up from the foam parts, but the features and functions were very self-explanatory and created no problems. It has a nice modern design and is very easy to use, many different settings for all my needs. hamilton beach 900 watt microwave I like the color and the wattage and power that it has and cooks my food quickly and thoroughly. It was very easy to set up, just plug it in and it works great. It works the way I expect it to and have never had an issue.

The Hamilton Beach Microwave also has buttons for both Time and Weight Defrosting, as well as Power Level. We did appreciate the option to alter the power level, though. We regularly melt chocolate in the microwave while baking, and putting the microwave on 50 percent power is a useful way to minimize its chances of burning. I own this microwave for a year and a half and I am pretty satisfied with its performance. I use plastic wrap for covering the food while cooking it or warming up.

However, The bulb in it died after 30 days, so we’ve been using a dark microwave since then. When the timer goes off, it’s severely quiet, so it’s hard to tell if it’s still running, especially with the light bulb issue. Also, it has caused power surges, so it isn’t really power friendly. Unfortunately, once it starts to fail, we will be looking for something better, likely from another brand. Hamilton Beach microwaves with 1 to 1.3 cubic feet of interior capacity usually offer about 1,000W of power and plenty of presets, power levels, and special features. Expect to pay $65 to $85 for one of these mid-range appliances.

My warranty was no longer valid because I had purchased it 15 months ago — warranty is for 12. Knew the oven was inexpensive, but I expected more than 15 months lifetime. This Hamilton Beach microwave features an Optional Door Lock that prevents the door from being opened when activated… Front panel includes a digital clock and touchpad that easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Inside, a glass turntable is removable for easy cleaning. Not all foods need to be microwaved at full power.

hamilton beach 900 watt microwave

This includes how easy it is to set the microwave without referring to the instructions. For proper ventilation, make sure that there are at least 3 inches of space frigidaire gallery dishwasher around the sides and back of your Hamilton Beach microwave and 12 inches above it. It can’t accommodate all plates and baking dishes due to smaller size.

It has been reliable for as long as I have used it, which has been one year. The controls could use a little work, they seem a bit less user friendly than I like. It always seems to bother me when I am cooking. I wish that I had a manual or something. But I didn’t have to set up the microwave oven.

If you’re looking to upgrade your microwave, Hamilton Beach, a trusted kitchen appliance manufacturer, offers excellent options that would serve any kitchen well. We love the flexibility this large unit offers. While it can handle the everyday uses of smaller microwaves, the additional room and cooking power makes Hamilton Beach’s 1.6 cu. Ft. option useful for larger families or get-togethers.

Many Hamilton Beach microwaves come with a turntable, which rotates your food as it cooks. With a turntable inside your microwave, you don’t have to stop the appliance to turn your food by hand. A turntable that is removable is the easiest to clean; hamilton beach 900 watt microwave simply take it out and wipe up any spills or splatters. Ready to shop for a new Hamilton Beach microwave? First, you need to decide what size you need, how much power you want, and what other features would make your life in the kitchen easier.