Electric shavers may also eliminate the need to use aftershave, as your skin won’t be as irritated as it gets after you use a traditional razor. The price of electric shavers varies massively, and there’s no guarantee that an enormously expensive shaver will work for your individual face and beard growth. Build quality and battery management will also be significantly better. It’s worth noting that some of the more expensive shavers also come in cheaper versions without all the accessories or cleaning stations. These cut-down versions lose some of the convenience, but you’re getting great shaving tech at a lower price. In or out of the shower, the F6 Style Series Aqua is a great rechargeable shaver, with the feel and features of more premium shavers at a thoroughly affordable price.

The shaver has to be charged for 90 minutes to be used for that same amount of time, according to the brand. A razor can provide a close shave using some water and shaving cream, but they should be used in conjunction with the above tools if you have longer hair. Butler noted that a straight razor is “unforgiving” and getting used to such a sharp blade can take skill and patience. “A head shaver, however, is a push of a button and a smooth glide over your head with no worries about cutting yourself,” he added.

All Philips Norelco shavers come with a two-year warranty. The pop-up trimmer is similar to Braun’s design, and it works just as well for mild sideburn grooming. Remington’s center bar design isn’t as sophisticated as Braun’s, but our testers found the shaver to work almost as well. James has been using the Series 7 to shave a portion of his face since first testing for this guide in 2020. It’s held up remarkably well and, aside from a dip after a little more than a year of use which was remedied by replacing the foil, the shave quality has remained consistent.

The lithium ion battery can now charge from a USB socket, and it lasts for 60 minutes where previous models lasted 40. If you’re running close to zero, a quick five minute charge will be enough to get you through your next shave. Electric razors plug into a wall socket or a charger, using electricity to vibrate or spin the blades inside the razor. The hairs on your face stick up through a thin piece of metal with holes in it and are then cut by the blades, giving you a close shave. This piece of metal, called the foil, is what touches the skin, rather than the blades touching it directly as they do with a traditional razor. This design makes electric razors very safe — you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself while shaving as you do with a traditional razor.

Remington Shaver

What to consider before buying and using a head shaverWhen it comes to head shavers, you’ll want to make sure to look out for certain features that can help make shaving easier and your device last longer. Below, the hair care experts we spoke to outlined some key features to consider, including maintenance, battery life and water resistance. Based on our Philips Norelco Shaver research and testing, we believe a foil shaver produces a better shave for most facial hair. But if you prefer a rotary style, consider Philips Norelco’s Shaver 9300 (or another model in the brand’s 9000 line). Rotary shavers operate differently than foil shavers, using floating heads that grasp and remove hair, which some people find more comfortable.

She has since worked as a reporter, columnist then editor for different Hearst Connecticut newspapers. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree in Global Media and Communications from the University of Bridgeport. The series on the history of Staples High School wraps up with the fourth part, covering the high school from the 1970s to today. Our easy-to-use guide will help you navigate some of the most popular housing markets in CT. The 5 minutes provided by the quick charge may not be sufficient always for everyone. It provides a well-thought-out feature set and credible stubble-leveling results at a genuinely affordable price.

To help you decide which head shaver is right for you, we consulted hair experts to find out what a head shaver does and we compiled their recommendations with other highly rated options to consider. Depending on your preferences , you might be considering making the switch from traditional razors to an electric razor — and getting the right one really matters. If you’re tired of lathering up, rinsing your razor every few strokes and accidentally nicking yourself periodically, an electric razor might be an appealing shaving technology for you to try out. With the interceptor shaving technology and the foil flex and float technology that optimize the shavers efficiency, the Remington F5 is an effective shaver. It achieves an efficiency of 97% ensuring that most of the hair is cut.