Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill Chicago Fireplace and Patio

The regulator unit unfortunately occupies the space directly underneath the handle. Even if you aren’t using a disposable bottle, you can really only hold the back weber q third of the grip, resulting in a rather awkward carry until you remove the regulator for transport. Another option is to look at the Napoleon TravelQ 285.

Gas grills, in particular, are great due to their ability to control the heat temperature while they’re in use. Grill a quick afternoon lunch of burgers and hot dogs, or a fish fillet for family dinner. The Q 2200 gas grill is an easy solution for any meal. GrillGrates amplify heat, prevent flare-ups, make flipping foods easier, kill hotspots, flip over to make a fine griddle, and can be easily moved from one grill to another. Click here for more about what makes these grates so special.

The Weber Q 3200 has the largest cooking area of all the Weber Q gas grills with 393 square inches of grilling space. The Q 3200 also comes with a stand for the grill, making it the only freestanding Weber Q model. This model also has a Grill Out handle light, which illuminates your grill for nighttime cooking.

Such that, you do not have to worry over gas cylinders or charcoals anymore. It uses 1560-watts of power for its heating element and can heat up to 280 square inches of cooking space in no time. Added to this, it comes fully assembled and features infinite burner control for easier maintenance of the grill’s temperature. As a portable gas grill that will likely appeal to portable bbq novice cooks and experienced chefs alike, the accessibility of the Q 1200 is a major selling point. The battery-powered electronic ignition is the same you will find on a high-end, full-size grill. The integrated thermometer — available from 150°F to 600°F — allows you to accurately monitor internal temperatures without having to lift the lid and lose critical heat.

I find this to be the ideal size for two people who grill regularly, or in some cases, a family with young children. If you only use your grill for meat and not for any sides such as potatoes or veggies, it will up to six people. Like a kid on Christmas, I couldn’t help but try out the weber genesis 2 2200 the day I got it.

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Preheating is a requirement because if the grates aren’t hot, your food could bake right on. Using a little oil helps, but for best results, Weber suggests oiling your food rather than the grill grate. It uses small, disposable 14oz or 16oz propane tanks for fuel. If you would prefer to connect a much more economical and refillable 20lb propane cylinder, Weber makes an accessory adapter and hose that will do that. There is also an aftermarket kit that will let you convert a Q grill to use your RV’s low-pressure quick-disconnect line.

This grill is the only Weber Q that can be bought as a natural gas grill model instead of a propane gas grill only. It can also be hooked up to a 20-pound propane tank. A cart is also available, converting the Weber Qfrom a portable grill to your permanent backyard or balcony grill.

Their grills are a favorite for millions of people because they are reliable, rugged, and provide a memorable grilling experience with every use. The main thing I want you to take away from this section is that all of these grills have great cooking performance. Our R&D department develops high-quality, fairly priced grilling equipment. Our customer service reps are real people offering great service, backed by 8 weeks of hands-on training with all of our products. The control knob, integrated into the regulator unit, is well-defined relative to propane output and easy to adjust.