Weber Q1200 Review: Portable Beauty or a Overweight Beast?

During the summer, I grill out most days, so this grill will get a good workout. This is the 2nd Weber Q 1200 gas grill that I have had and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. Someone must have like my first one also as it was stolen. The Q Series grills are made from cast aluminum and heavy duty plastic which makes them immune to rust when used in coastal areas and near swimming pools. The Weber Traveler is a new portable gas grill that is a legitimate alternative to the Weber Q series.

The standard Q2200 is designed to run from disposable 1 pound propane tanks. Like all Weber products we’ve tested, the popularity of the brand is backed by quality service and sales, with replacement parts being widely available. But considering the quality of their products, you weber genesis 2 can expect a long and happy culinary relationship with this grill. The warranty covers grills given as gifts but is otherwise non-transferable. A 5 year warranty period includes the grill body, lid, grates, frame, side tables, and burner against rusting or burning through for.

Q2200 grill also features large folding tables on the side that have been reinforced with glass for extra protection. If this was not enough, the burner provides BTU-per-hour to the LP and can be ignited in an instant with its electronic ignition. Besides this, you can control the temperature easily using the infinite control valve settings and the built-in thermometer in the lid. Naturally, the weber genesis 2 2200 is meant to be portable, so its small cooking space isn’t too surprising.

However, even with frequent use, this only needs to be emptied and cleaned out occasionally. To make this job even simpler, I like to line the tray with aluminum foil. You will have no problem getting up to 500 portable bbq Fahrenheit degrees, something that you can expect with larger grills. Thus, you can easily tackle all kinds of meat and can even give searing a try. What’s more, the domed lid creates space for larger roasts.

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The grill has the dimensions 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 inches with the lid closed and weighs only 30 pounds, making it portable enough to take it with you in your RV. The key to a good barbeque lies in the quality of the meat, the recipe, and of course, the company. How else will you get a perfectly tender yet smoky piece of steak? If you do not own a reliable and trust-worthy grill, your barbeque experience could be quite frustrating.

In case you think that this is a trivial feature, it isn’t one that is available with many larger models. At the same time, it saves you both money and hassle in having to buy third weber q party side tables for outdoor grilling. This adapter hose that lets you run this grill from a 20 pound propane tank is a HUGE BENEFITand does not come with the standard Q2200.