Keurig K-Mini review: a mini machine with surprising design?

If I want to fill a container with ground coffee, I may as well invest in a different type of machine. In preparing this Hamilton Beach coffee maker review, I immediately saw what differentiated this coffee machine from others. Keurig K-Mini is equivalent to simplicity, ease and convenience. There’s a lot to like, from space-saving and thoughtful design elements to the added versatility and convenience of the K-cup pod brewing system. The Keurig K-Mini is incredibly easy to operate and perfect for beginners or those who want a quick and easy brewing process. You know what you’re going to get every time from this machine, and the operation couldn’t be simpler.

Therefore, if you prefer strong coffee, the K-Mini Plus is by far your best option. The Keurig Mini is compatible with all regularly-sized K-Cup pods. It doesn’t work with K-Carafe, K-Mug, Vue, or Rivo pods. The good news is that this model isn’t a Keurig 2.0, so you won’t have to worry about it failing to read your K-Cups. Additionally, there are still concerns regarding the safety of single serve brewers, though, which are believed to be prone to growth of mold, algae, and bacteria. On the other, the practice showed me that is made mostly with plastic (and, unfortunately cheaply-made plastic).

Keurig K-Mini

Home Grounds expert team has dug deep on this one, so that you can know for sure whether it’s a worthwhile buy for you. If you’re looking for another narrow machine with a surprisingly large 46 oz reservoir, the K-Slim is for you. If you’re looking for a removable reservoir but want more capacity so you don’t have to refill before every brew, take a look at the K-Compact.

Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus are aimed squarely at those with limited countertop space. You can also use the My K-Cup universal filter with this model.

The power cord can be coiled into the back of the machine for easy transportation. Owly Choice does not take responsibility for reliability or success of the products presented on this website. Any decision you make based on this website, directly or indirectly, is at your own risk. All the content on this website is for entertainment purposes. I have tested the machine for a couple of weeks prior to publishing this Keurig K-Mini review.

It’s also the noisiest Keurig machine we’ve tested, outputting 80 decibels of sound at the end of its brew cycle. Like all Keurigs, the heating cycle is low volume, but when it comes to brewing, its biggest noisemaker is the sputtering at the Hamilton Beach end of filling a cup. That loud spattering also manages to spray water around the machine and counter space. The only potential downside to the K-Mini’s design is that its water reservoir, located at the rear of the machine, isn’t removable.

Some coffee lovers will adore the no-fuss simplicity of the K-Mini, but there is another option for someone willing to pay slightly more for a longer list of features. The outer shell is plastic, so it doesn’t feel as premium as some other machines, but the overall quality is actually quite nice if you’re good with that. Its effortless one-touch brewing system and streamlined design make this a stylish and compact option for those living alone or in close quarters. You’re better off with this option if you want your drink ready right away without having to think about it or plan ahead. If you’d rather have more say in how your coffee is brewed, this isn’t the machine for you. There was a time, a moment, in your adult life that found you standing in the small appliance aisle.

The Sboly is comparable to the K Mini Plus in size, and it actually weighs less. It has both plastic and stainless steel elements with a black and silver design that suits most kitchens. The one-button operation makes it as easy to use as the K Mini, with separate buttons for ground coffee and K-Cups.

We hope this post has been helpful and given you some insight into whether the Keurig K-Mini is the right machine for you! Remember to consider how often you’ll use the machine and your priorities when making your ultimate decision. If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Pour the water from your mug into the well, be sure that you are using no more than 10 ounces of water. This will be easy to determine with the convenient levels marked right in the well of the unit. Temperature consistencyReflects how closely the second cup matches the first cup in temperature.

Other than that, it’s affordable, it functions as intended and makes a basic cup of coffee for people in a hurry. Such is the case with the Keurig K-Mini and the Keurig K-Mini Plus. As the Plus would indicate, the latter has a few more features that set it apart from its predecessor, but are those features something you need? For the quick convenience of a Keurig machine, especially a single-serve coffee maker, sometimes less is actually more. First-cup speedIndicates how quickly the machine produces the first cup of coffee. This also includes the time required to heat any internal water reservoir from room temperature.