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It took about one minute and 10 seconds at the most to boil a cup of water with the GE. The Hamilton Beach take almost 2 minutes. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. 4,029,462 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.

Do not install microwave coven over a range cook top or other heat-producing appliance. Heat can damage the microwave and void the warranty. Select a level surface that provides hamilton beach 900 watt microwave enough open space for ventilation. Allow for 3 inches of open space next to the sides and back of the microwave. Allow for 12 inches of open space above the microwave.

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Choose the options you’d like for the order. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item. 1000 watt Hamilton Beach microwave started to make noises and flickering after only 14 months of use. Last night it shorted out completely, thank heavens I was standing there keeping an eye on it as I always had after it started sounding like it was trying to quit on us.

I love the matte black style, small size goes well in any kitchen. My one issue is the beeping that keeps going even when you open the door. Maybe it’s not the most spacious microwave out there, but we never had any issues hamilton beach 1000 watt microwave fitting a dish or plate inside it. Plus, it offers a variety of cook settings that work really well, especially given its low price. After all, many microwaves cost hundreds of dollars, so why is this one so affordable?

When the press of a button, the microwave automatically “knows” the right cook time and power level for a particular food. All Hamilton Beach microwaves offer presets. Most have at least six; these cover basics like popcorn, pizza, baked potatoes, beverages, reheating, and defrosting. 10 power levels and 6 quick-set buttons for perfect results every time. LED display has convenient clock and timer.

hamilton beach 900 watt microwave

Moving into a small apartment, I’m in need of a 900-watt microwave oven. My 8-year-old Hamilton Beach uses 1000 watt, and once or twice a week it short-circuits the small kitchen power. For the past 8 years, the old microwave oven worked fine in my former home. It is still functional and operating well. It’s just that I am done with going out to the fuse box to reset the switch.

Used microwave as recommended by the user’s manual. Many times the items I put in the microwave never got warm enough. I had to put item in longer even though I used the highest power. Very surprised with how powerful this microwave is. It’s not too big, so it does not take up much space.

In our lab tests, Countertop microwave ovens models like the P90D23AL-WR are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. When reheating leftovers, don’t pile all the food you want to microwavein the center of the plate or dish. Spread it in a circle hamilton beach 1000 watt microwave across the plate with an opening in the center. This helps more of the surface area to absorb heat. To reduce the mess in your microwave, cover your plates or dishes before you start cooking. Even a simple sheet of paper towel can help minimize splatters.

Sharp design in stainless steel, this microwave oven fits your modern kitchen and offers a variety of menu choices to complete your cooking tastes and style. It has an output of 900 watts and includes 10 power levels. The LED display is simple to read, and the touch-pad makes it easy to control. This 900 watt microwave oven includes a lockout feature for child safety, as well as a timer and clock feature. It allows you to cook potatoes, popcorn, reheat frozen dinners, pizza or beverages with just one touch. It’s designed to give you even heating for consistent results that you can feel good about feeding to your family.