Which Keurig Is The Best and How to Choose The Right One for You

We put just about every Keurig home brewer to the test to find the best model out there. Another major drawback is being forced to buy only coffee sold in pods. While there is currently a huge range available – both using official K-Cups and other “rebel” brands – you still don’t have the flexibility to buy whatever you like afforded by a traditional method. If you buy beans or grounds and don’t finish hamilton beach dual coffee maker the coffee within a week or two, you will end up drinking stale coffee. Then again, if you are only an occasional drinker, you might not wish to spend the money on a machine you are not likely to use very often. In the case of pre-ground coffee, the exponentially larger surface area allows oxidization to occur at a much faster rate, meaning ground coffee deteriorates much faster than whole beans.

Much like allowing a tea bag to steep a bit longer, more flavor is released from coffee that is exposed to hot water for a longer period of time. The Hamilton Beach has a “bold” setting that functions in this manner and produces a cup that does indeed taste stronger. The coffee maker features a sleek and modern design that our testers found to be functional and easy to use.

keurig single cup drip coffee makers

Their height, in particular, makes them hard to store out of the way and off of the counter, in a cabinet, or on a shelf. The size of your kitchen and your needs for clear counter space will lead to considering some options over others. A traditional drip coffee maker or pour-over method utilizes a paper filter that is biodegradable and compostable, and French presses and percolators create no waste. Not only are the disposable K-Cups an environmental issue, but also the manufacturing of them involves many more steps than any other kind of coffee. In our testing, the Nespresso machine was the fastest to produce a finished product from turning the machine on to taking the first sip of coffee.

And they’re only recyclable if you take the time to peel off the lid, toss or compost the coffee grounds inside and then rinse out the pods before throwing them in your recycling bin. There is also a concern that because they are so small, the K-Cups may be filtered out at recovery facilities and still wind up in landfills. Keurig offers a one year warranty on all of its home coffee makers, under usual everyday use.

If your caffeine demands also include espresso and other types of coffee drinks, we recommend the Keurig K-Cafe , the most versatile single-serve maker we tested. Hopefully, we’ve helped you in your search of finding the best Keurig K-Cup coffee maker model for your needs. If you have any questions you are very welcome to leave them in a comment below. However, if you were going to buy these accessories anyway, you’ll save a little money through bundling.

The following single-serve coffee makers align with the expert guidance we receive and are highly rated across major retailers. This machine is similar to our best overall pick, Keurig’s K-Elite Coffee Maker, as it makes iced coffee, has a strong brew function, and offers multiple cup sizes; however, there are some differences. The K-Supreme keurig k mini coffee maker is slimmer, features multi-stream technology, and has an adjustable water reservoir. Its multi-stream technology uses five streams of water instead of one to produce a more flavorful and balanced cup of coffee. As for the water tank, you can connect it to the side or the back of the machine—whichever position is more suitable for your space.

The next generation features like its charcoal-based water filtration, “auto-on” programmability, and on-demand hot water make the machine incredibly versatile and easy to use. We found that the Brew n’ Go made coffee significantly hotter than the other single-cup coffee makers we tested. At 182 degrees, coffee made with the Brew n’ Go is five degrees hotter than the newer Keurig model and more than 10 degrees hotter than every other machine we tested.

In our testing, it closely mirrored the Keurig – K-Elite in performance. The Cuisinart was one second slower in the heating cycle, but two seconds quicker to brew. Since our testing, this model has been replaced keurig k mini coffee maker by the SS-10 model, and we’ve updated links throughout our review to the new one. The Nespresso – Citiz Espresso Maker is a beautiful machine that makes espresso-style coffee in servings of 1.35 or 3.7 ounces.