Electric Razors & Shavers

We had the testers keep the top-performing razors for extended periods to allow for break-in time. Two of the reasons you may prefer using an electric razor on your face instead of a manual razor Braun Series 5 are convenience and safety . Battery life is solid at 60 minutes – enough for plenty of shaves between charging – and it only take two hours to fill it back up over Micro-USB, which is fantastic.

The compact and cordless design is easy to pack along for shaving away from home. More flexing keeps the foils in close contact with skin on the neck and chin. A new, high-end manual razor is meant to duplicate the old school, hot-towel-shave experience. Braun offers a Series 8 shaver at select retailers, and that version sells for less than a Series 7 usually does. Dan has been using this razor near-daily since 2018, and it still performs well.

When you’re done using them, simply pop them into the clean and charge station, which automatically recharges and lubricates the shaver. Shave close with the REMINGTON F5 Foil Shaver with Intercept Shaving Technology. The 3 stage cutting system uses the intercept tool for pre-trimming longer hairs and two flexible foils for close shaving. Plus, you’ll get up to 20 days of shaving between charges with the rechargeable battery that delivers 60 minutes of cordless runtime.

Remington Shaver

It can also be great for those who have already shaved their hair down to just some stubble. The Remington R4 Style Series Shaver seemed like an excellent shaver for a certain type of beard, however my beard did not benefit from the product. However, this product had a couple of features that would be quite useful such as the piece that clips on to get a one or two day growth look.

It’s the best premium shaver we’ve tested without a sky-high price. The new Series 7 70-N7200C is – against the odds – even better. The blades seem to stay sharper for longer – Gillette claims that they can last for up to six months – and you can get a good 50 minutes of trimming and shaving from a single charge.

This shaver can also run for up to 90 minutes after charging for the same amount of time, and it features an LED display that shows how much time is left on its current charge. Braun Series 5 products are recognized around the world for their high quality and low price. Remington shavers give you a close shave with their ultra thin foils and titanium coated blades.