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Following our guide, you can easily fix these issues at home. However, in case you are unable to fix these issues, the warranty of the Westinghouse power washer is there to get it repaired by an authorized service center. The cordless Ryobi RY40PW01DG9 usually costs about $500, nearly twice as much as the considerably more powerful Ryobi RY and DeWalt DWPW2400 . The cost of the cordless model is understandable, given the two 40-volt batteries that are included along with the washer, but the machine’s abilities don’t match the investment. Where the Sun Joe model stumbles is in some of its other convenience-oriented features.

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If the trigger is not working properly, you could not use the machine for power washing. Look for water leaks around your pressure washer, garden hose, and high-pressure hose. If you find a leak, turn off the water supply to the fixture and fix the leak. When you leave a gas power washer for more than 6 months with the gasoline in it, the gasoline will have low volatility and low octane. This oxidized and highly contaminated fuel often causes a lack of combustion ultimately causing a low engine performance or a failure to start the engine. Push the trigger of the spray gun in this state to release air or any debris in the pressure washer.

Since electric washers are much lower in cost than gas models, we were surprised to see the Sun Joe was the only electric model to feature a stainless steel wand extension and brass fittings. For such a powerful pressure washer that can handle a wide variety of cleaning chores, The Briggs & Stratton is exceptionally well-priced. The Briggs & Stratton has a high-quality stainless-steel wand with brass connectors that connect to the wand and the 25-foot inlet hose in a snap. With other models that we tested, we had to double- and triple-check the connectors to make sure they were secure. In general, a unit with professional equipment will last longer, why because it is meant to use for heavy-duty/commercial cleaning purpose. But most experts suggest that not to use an average residential pressure washer too long without giving any break.

However, after all, it’s a machine and it may fall victim to any malfunction anytime due to any discrepancy or lack of maintenance. It also turns out that 5 gallons doesn’t get Champion Power Equipment you too far with a pressure washer. In fact, it got us only about five minutes of cleaning time, so we had to refill the bag twice while we were cleaning the side of a shed.

In our own power-measurement tests, this machine ranked the weakest. The Simpson – MSH3125-S made a good impression right out of the box but ended up being the runner-up for gas-powered models. High-quality build and components all around with much more power westinghouse pressure washers than electric models. This unit leaked a bit after we plugged the power in, which we realized was our fault. So, carefully as to not give ourselves another cut, we had to tighten the hose for the water supply connection which felt a bit cheap and squeaky.

It is the only one with a hidden, built-in detergent container. The Sun Joe had an odd design with two detergent containers loosely sitting within its frame, and the other two machines don’t have built-in containers at all. The trigger lock mechanism for this unit is also well designed. There’s a block on the bottom of the spray wand you push over to the other side to lock, which feels very secure. It’s not easy to accidentally release or break this mechanism. The Westinghouse – ePX3050 has a lot of power packed into its little body and is just as effective as higher-end pressure washers.

Carburetors are small, precision-machined parts that help mix fuel and air for an engine. When they get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, they can prevent a power washer from starting. If your pressure washer won’t start, the carburetor may be to blame. The westinghouse pressure washers Ryobi gas model comes with a single quick-change sprayer tip. It’s designed like a garden sprayer or a showerhead, where you can turn the head and cycle through the spray options. It has 0-, 25-, and 40-degree sprays as well as two soap settings, fan and jet.

Although it does not handle grassy terrain as deftly, despite its larger wheels, we nonetheless find it to be doable. A big plus for moving the Westinghouse WPX3200 by hand was its above-average handle height, allowing us to pull it through all of our tests without having to be hunched over. Our biggest appreciation, however, was how well balanced this pressure washer is. Despite its hefty weight and cumbersome size, we rarely felt concerned that the Westinghouse WPX3200 was in any danger of falling over.