Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Pressure Washer User Guide

This may be more effective if you’re trying to remove old and already chipped paint, but it would have taken hours on a full fence with these weaker units. The gas-powered washers we used had impressive power and were even capable of severely damaging the two-by-fours. These models should be used very carefully to remove paint while avoiding damage to your property. Some reviewers actually devised a way to soften the water pressure coming out of the spray wand by muffling it with towels and catching all the water being sprayed out with a large funnel. We gave this a shot, but it’s tough to keep that muffle on and tough to prevent water from splashing everywhere. Instead, we decided to use a five-gallon water cooler jug into which to shoot the spray wand without losing water to splashing.

So, the higher the PSI value, the more powerful the machine works. It comes with three nozzle tips that include 0 – Red which is suitable for direct and intense pressure. The 25-green nozzle is for moderate pressure applications and soap-black is suitable for deep cleaning projects where soap application is required. Disconnect the spark plug wire then pull the recoil handle 5 – 6 times to remove water from inside the pump. Ergonomically designed trigger handle with locking off function to relieve fatigue during operation. Holster provided can be used to attach other tools such as surface cleaners or variable nozzle adapters during device operation.

All of these machines have lower pressure nozzles or settings you can use if you want to avoid damaging paint on your surfaces. However, some people use pressure washers to remove paint from the side of their houses or old fences, so we wanted to test if each unit had the power to accomplish this task. The simplest Champion Power Equipment way to categorize pressure washers is by their PSI, or pounds per square inch, rating and fitting them into three groups. Higher PSIs usually mean higher price tags and better cleaning power. The levers on this machine just to start the engine are another small hurdle to jump over that electric models don’t have.

Enter the yellow tip, which provides a great balance of focused pressure and spray width. Even though there’s only a difference of a few hundred psi between most of these washers, there were occasionally noticeable differences between them when I used the same tip. My best guess is there’s a difference in the manufacturing of the tips themselves.

【Comprehensive security protection】With Total Stop System design, the electric power washer will shut off to preserve pump lifespan and motor resource if the trigger is let go. You can use the safety lock of the spray gun to prevent children or other people from accidentally triggering the trigger and causing accidental injury. If you’re looking to clean surface areas over 100-square feet on a regular basis or need extra power for stubborn stains, then a gas pressure washer will make your life a whole lot easier. Electric Starter – If you’re unable to use a recoil starter of your unit, then use an electric start gas pressure washer. They are available in the market with a price range from $500 – $1000.

Offering incredible power and performance, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is by far the best pressure washer we tested. Although it took some hits for its bulk and the required maintenance of gas-powered machinery, this washer is ideal for anyone looking for a long-term investment. The Westinghouse WPX3200 is the ideal pressure washer for those who want to ensure the job gets done the first try. Hose connections on pressure washers are often uncomfortably close.

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Have a look at some tips used to well-maintain your gas pressure washer. Echo-Friendly – A gas pressure washer is a bit noisy while operating when compared with an electric one. So, pick a washer that produces less noise/sound, which doesn’t cause sound pollution or irritate your neighbors as well. Moreover, this is a highly versatile pressure washer that comes with 5 nozzle tips with different for diverse cleaning applications. The nozzles are color coded and offer you different pressure levels from lower pressure to ultra high pressure.

Besides, the comfortable height design and the large wheels further makes it easier to handle and maneuver it. On top of this, it is equipped with two rubber support points that reduce vibration and prevent hand fatigue even when you operate it for long hours. The pack contains a 30-foot reinforced hose, a quick-connect spray gun, a built-in soap tank, and a two-year warranty.

The Ivation is a well thought-out maintenance machine that’s great for light and medium cleaning tasks. We also loved its lockable wheels that can spin 360 degrees so the pressure washer follows you around without having to push or pull it. Because of its low center of gravity, the Westinghouse effortlessly glides from lawn to cement without tipping over.