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We decided to test the best-reviewed pots and pans set online that will make you feel like a sous chef. Sure, you can use your faithful Le Creuset for one-pot wonders, but there are many other fan favorites to discover! This list includes space-saving options, nonstick and nontoxic pans, and innovative stacking technologies that will make cooking a feast a breeze! To take the heat up a notch, we kept in mind function and beauty when narrowing down our list. So whether you’re a seasoned cook or keep kitchen accessories out for display–there’s a cookware brand to suit your lifestyle. Deciding which cookware set is the best isn’t as easy as comparing notes.

While stainless steel is typically dishwasher safe, you should refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to be sure. During both tests in The Lab, we enjoyed how versatile these pans are. Unlike traditional nonstick, they can be used on high heat, providing great, even heating on an induction burner.

Cookware Sets

It also won’t last as long since nonstick coatings break down over time. While nonstick cookware has its limitations, there is something to be said for easy cleanup. You might want to consider having just one trusty nonstick pan, but if you’re opting for a full nonstick cookware set, I like Misen’s. Cheap nonstick coatings will break down easily, sometimes as fast as a year or two. This fantastic collection at a reasonable price features no superfluous pieces that won’t get used and has everything you do need. This six-piece set gets you a 10-inch stainless-steel skillet, a 10-inch nonstick frying pan and a lidded saucepan and stockpot.

Ultimately, we don’t think five-ply cookware is worth the extra cost. Cookware is the cornerstone of your kitchen, so it’s worth investing in a set that is beautiful and durable and that heats evenly. We researched more than 80 cookware sets and rigorously tested 19.

In terms of design, the set received a near-perfect score as testers liked the glass lids and the included steamer pot attachment. They also appreciated the traditional design on this set and noted that the pieces feel substantial. Plus, another detail that makes this one of the best stainless steel cuisinart knife worth considering is that the inside of the pans has measurements, so even beginner chefs can cook up something.

However, if you’re looking for a less expensive set, cookware with tri-ply disks welded to the bottom of the pan will distribute heat more evenly than pans made from a single piece of stainless steel. In our experience, pans with encapsulated bottoms performed better than those that had just a single layer of stainless steel, but we still wouldn’t recommend them for gas and electric stovetops. gotham steel cookware sets That said, if you have an induction stovetop, cookware with encapsulated bottoms will perform better than fully clad tri-ply cookware. You can read more about this type of cookware and its performance on induction in our guide to the best portable induction cooktop. However, when you cook directly in aluminum some of the metal leaches into your food, giving it a gray-ish cast.

The set is easy to clean and offered an even sear during cooking tests. Generally speaking, you should not use metal utensils like whisks Cookware Sets or spatulas on a nonstick surface. Another no-no for nonstick surfaces is extremely high heat, as it can shorten the life of the pan.

We’ve also watched Misen’s cookware go in and out of stock frequently. We opted not to test the Five Two Essential Cookware 11-Piece Complete Set because it comes with glass lids, and the stockpot is only 6 quarts. According to our research, ceramic coatings don’t last as long as PTFE coatings. Like most stainless steel cookware, the Goldilocks pots and pans will discolor slightly over high heat, but this won’t affect its performance. Compare the Goldilocks 12-inch skillet we used to sauté chicken with an unused Goldilocks 10-inch skillet .