Cuisinart GR-300WS Review Worth Every Dime You Pay For It

The size when it is opened is more of a problem when you place it on a standard kitchen countertop with kitchen cabinets above it. The height of the unit makes it hard to fully open it. With its 1800 Watts is a very well-powered grill.

On the contrary, Cuisinart Deluxe has knobs for temperature control. In the specifications part, both are nearly identical with a group of standard features. Cuisinart Griddler Elite leads with a back-lit digital display and intelligent temperature control with a precise timer which Cuisinart Elite lacks. The Deluxe has a brushed stainless polish, where the Elite has silver furnish.

Also, there is a drip tray on both of these griddles. To begin with, there is a griddle function for making pancakes, eggs, and bacon, while a contact grill feature is suitable for making chicken, steak, veggies, and burgers. Also, there is a half grill feature for making meat, and there is a half griddle for cooking vegetables. All in all, the control panel is pretty easy to use, so you can select and lock in different cooking functions and timing with ease. The Cuisinart Griddler boasts the ability to work as an indoor grill, a griddle, and a panini press, but does it do all three jobs well? We used it to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, testing both the flat and ridged plates, and we enjoyed the results.

She covers kitchen tools and gadgets for The Spruce Eats and is the author of Make Ahead Bread. Differentiating these two griddles is a bit tough since there are hardly any noticeable differences except for the control panel. Though this is not the only variation between these two, their outer finish is also nonidentical.

The GRILL side is perfect for steak, burgers, chicken and vegetables; use the GRIDDLE side to make pancakes, eggs, heat tortillas or sear scallops. The elite version has two cooking plates that are reversible and nonstick. The grill plate is for vegetables, chicken, steak, and burgers. The griddle, on the other hand, will make eggs, pancakes, as well as heat tortillas. For more efficient control of temperature and distribution of heat, the heating element is sandwiched between the griddle and grill plates.

I know this is not a significant one, but yeah, this one exists. Removable parts are dishwasher safe, making your life even more convenient so you don’t have to waste time manually washing them all down. These six cooking options allow you to prepare your meals or quick snacks faster than a regular single-use gadget.

Lower the temperature of both the upper and lower plates to 350˚F. Lightly brush the outside of each pita half with olive oil. Spread the inside of each half with hummus. This Cuisinart GR-300 cuisinart griddler elite WS comes with 2 plates that can be used closed with the food in between or separate and then the cooking surface is larger of course. The heating element is in the plates and not separate.

The Cuisinart griller elite has a housing that is constructed solidly and complete with a soft stainless steel brushed finish. The cover, which has a strong handle made with cast metal adjusts itself automatically to fit the thickness of the meal you are cooking. When you open the unit, it will extend to a length of 23.5 inches. The Cuisinart also features a drip tray that slides into the base at the back of the machine.

cuisinart griddler elite

Not only are these griddles fantastic because they’re Cuisinart, but they come with six cooking options. Additionally, you can do half grill and half griddle at the same time. Also, you can do a panini press or top-melt.

These are the same six positions in the elite version. They are open cooking, closed cooking, preheat, flat cooking, top melt, and storage. It has a start and stop button, as well as a lower plate sear, and upper plate sear buttons. The SearBlast feature has adequate power to allow you to sear at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 2 minutes at a go. The function will lock the flavors into your fish, meat, as well as poultry. You can use the up and down buttons to alter the time for searing.