Best Nonstick Cookware 2022

Everything but the open skillets and the steamer insert come with lids. The Great Jones Family Style set is unusual among the cookware sets we looked at in that it includes a nonstick pan and an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven. For one, when testing the Great Jones Saucy for our guide to the best small saucepan, we found the loop-shaped handles uncomfortable to hold. Also, the nonstick pan is only 8½ inches, so it’s not as versatile as the 10-inch pans we recommend in our guide to nonstick skillets. And it has a ceramic coating, which we’ve found quickly loses its nonstick properties.

These pans require a little more elbow grease to get them fully clean. We didn’t find any sticking or scorching in our rice pilaf and simmer tests. In our omelet test, our testers noted that the eggs rolled out easily, but there was some sticking between the rivets and the pan. They’re easy to use when it comes to rolling an omelet or flipping a pancake, but the pans are thin, and our testers felt that they were cheap-feeling. Our testers noted a distinct “nonstick” smell when these pans are heated.

Cookware Sets

Like purchasing any cookware set, you’ll want to make sure that what is included in the set will fit into your lifestyle. Consider how much storage space you have, how often you cook, and what you like to cook when purchasing a set. Our advice has always been to skip sets and just buy the pans you need. But new brands offering practical cookware packages compelled us to take another look. There are a huge variety of pots in different shapes, often for specific uses, like crepe pans or grill pans. In general, wide, shallow pans are best for cooking foods where evaporation is desired.

“I’ve seen really cheap stainless steel pans that you can basically bend. So I think a heavy set is good. It’s safe to say it’s probably decent quality.” While cooking a frittata, the eggs took a bit of coaxing with the spatula to get them out of the pan without sticking. Overall, the handle stayed cool to the touch during the cooking process and there was no warping when the pan cooled off in the ice bath afterward. During testing, testers found that the pan heated evenly at all points, with the average temperature being around 325 degrees. Testers liked that the handle of the pan remained cool to the touch even with high heat, an ideal safety feature especially if you have small children at home.

“If you are looking for a cookware set and are torn between stainless steel and nonstick, this is it. Some tasks are best left to a nonstick pan, and with the Sardel, you’ve got options.” Read on for our picks of the best Cookware Sets for your kitchen, according to our Lab testing. Since the Goldilocks set is relatively new, we don’t know how it will perform over time (as we do with the Tramontina and All-Clad sets we’ve been long-term testing for years). However, we’ll continue to test this set to see how it holds up against our other picks, and we will update this guide accordingly.

Unlike the tri-ply All-Clad set we recommend, the Copper Core skillets discolored badly over high heat. All-Clad offers a wide range of cookware outside the main set, so you can grow your collection. In our cookware guides, we recommend several other All-Clad pieces, including the 12-inch skillet, the 8- and 10-inch nonstick skillets, the 2-quart saucier, and the flared roaster.

They’re lightweight and should be used over low to medium heat, and the thermo-heat indicator lets you know when it’s ready to use. In our tests, scrambled eggs and pancakes cooked evenly with zero sticking. Plus, the griddle was a fun addition for breakfast items, especially bacon. Whether you hand-wash or use the dishwasher, these pieces cuisinart knife clean up beautifully thanks to their dark nonstick finish inside and out. Cookware warranties vary widely, from short-term warranties on single nonstick frying pans to lifetime warranties on higher-end cookware. While a lifetime warranty sounds like a great deal, most have caveats, like excluding commercial use or cookware abuse.

You can buy the pieces individually, but you’ll get the best bargain when you snag a set. Overall, testers found that the pieces in this cookware set felt well-built. The pieces have sturdy handles and after cooking, testers didn’t notice any warping. They specifically liked how easy the set was to clean, earning it a near-perfect score in that category. With just water and a spatula, testers were able to rid the pan of food remnants. It’s dishwasher safe too, making it even easier to give it a thorough clean.

See our guides for how to perfectly season andsafely clean a cast-iron skillet so your trusty stovetop sidekick will stay with you for decades. With the ability to hold on to heat as well as some people hold on to grudges, cast-iron cookware is ideal for searing burgers, steaks and chicken. It’s also durable as heck and will develop both a seasoning and a natural nonstick patina over time. A large collection of cookware can quickly take over your kitchen cabinets, and if you live in a smaller home or apartment, the Space Saving collection from Calphalon will be your best friend. These pans are specially designed to stack together neatly, taking up 30% less space.