We were unable to update your zip code in your profile, but you can still continue with the rebate process. In 2011, Castrol signed a four-year sponsorship deal for the Australian national rugby union team and as the naming rights sponsor of The Rugby Championship. The Castrol Cricket Index for a team is a dynamic indicator of the overall performance of the cricket team.

Advertisements for Castrol oil historically featured the slogan “Castrol – liquid engineering”. This was more recently refreshed and reintroduced as “It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering.” Castrol advertising has been a part of telecasts of the National Football League for years. In 2011, Castrol’s Edge brand became the official motor mobil 1 oil oil sponsor for the league, along with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson endorsing the product; it has since been renewed until the 2017 season. The endorsement deal with Peterson was terminated on 16 September 2014, due to ongoing child abuse allegations. In North America, Castrol has been an active sponsor of NHRA drag racing.

That’s why every engine will benefit from full synthetic oil, even if your vehicle’s manufacturer doesn’t yet insist on it. Many car manufacturers now insist on the latest specification full synthetic oil, which you have to use at every oil change in order to protect your warranty and enable your Castrol GTX engine to perform at its best. Manufacturers of high performance European cars have been recommending full synthetic motor oils for well over a decade. Many of these manufacturers, including Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin recommend Castrol® EDGE®, which is an advanced full synthetic.

Castrol GTX

BMW Motorsport was sponsored by Castrol from 1999 to 2014. Engines oil that listed in the Dexos 2 approved oil list can be used for Chevy Equinox diesel engines. The advantages of this oil include exhaust particulate filter, high performance, and fuel economy. Whether you are changing your oil by yourself or paying an auto mechanic for the job you should always know what your manufacturer recommends for your vehicle.

He spends his weekdays working for his garage and writing stories for To keep your vehicle healthy for a larger extent, a 5W-30 synthetic blend oil is recommended by Chevy OEM. In our efforts mobil 1 full synthetic to continually upgrade our motor oil portfolio, we discontinued the GTX MAGNATEC motor oil line and replaced it with new GTX Full Synthetic. If you think this is a mistake, re-enter your zip code to try again.