Cuisinart 11 5cm Vegetable Knife

The right kitchen cutlery will make you feel like a total professional. We understand that you may want something specific and unique in shopping. We know that it can be confusing and perplexing to pick the right amidst so many choices in the market. Although we wish it were just a touch sharper, the Ginsu offers remarkable precision.

The chart below breaks down the prices of the different Cuisinart collections as well as other brands for comparison. Overall, Cuisinart knives perform as you’d expect low-cost knives to perform. They can certainly get the job done, but they lack heft, Cookware Sets balance, and dull quicker than most brands I’ve tested. If you’re looking for a high-performing, long-lasting knife, you should look elsewhere. The only exceptions are the Graphix and Stainless Steel Prep collection which have hollow steel handles.

The Chicago Cutlery performed admirably, and we found wielding the hefty blade to be a rather satisfying choice when slicing bread for sandwiches. The Henckels chef’s knife is an all-around great choice for handling a variety of produce. Great performance coupled with a reasonable price made this set a favorite amongst our testing team. Anything that ups the kitchen-happiness quotient, solves an everyday problem and makes it easy to prep food for family and friends is top of the list for us.

cuisinart knife

The size and curves of the Henckels handles were great for average-sized hands. However, we found ourselves wishing they were a smidge more comfortable — both for a pinch grip and handle grip. Although the corners add stability, the squared edges dug into our hands more than other contenders when cutting Cookware Sets items like root veggies. The ZWILLING set may be a better option if you want curves tailored to your hand with squared edges that don’t dig in so much. One design aspect of a kitchen knife that can detract from the comfort of the grip is the lack of a smooth transition between the blade and handle.

Preparing a butternut squash isn’t a one-handed job, even with the sharpest of knives. The line on each piece of tape marks the balance point of the knife when pinched between thumb and forefinger. Every knife in this set is premium quality and has the performance to match. Another reviewer sums it up, saying her set of Cuisinart knives has “made cooking so much more enjoyable…”