Whirlpool 4 3 cu ft Mini Refrigerator Stainless

Fridge temperatures lower than 32°F can cause some food to freeze. The ideal temperature settings for the fridge and the freezer are 37°F and 0°F, respectively. Despite some performance and usability issues, the Galanz GLR31TBEER looks great and offers a ton of usable storage area. Frigidaire fridge If you’re not planning on keeping anything particularly perishable in your freezer, it may still be a good pickup. Looking for an additional refrigerator to hold beverages or meats that take up too much room? Consider this Whirlpool Mini Fridge on sale at BJs for just $119.

Plus, it gives us a better idea of how much space is actually useful. In our tests, we consider temperature consistency, storage capacity, and usability as the most important aspects of a good mini fridge. Its shelves and bins were more or less identical to what we saw elsewhere. We did like the design of its can dispenser rack, which lets you load cans in from the middle as well as the top. Here at Reviewed, our experts have tested hundreds of full-size refrigerators over the years and found some are definitely better than others. After testing some of the most popular mini refrigerators on the market, we can definitively say the same is true here.

If you find yourself in constant awe at how fast your fridge fills up, it may be time to consider investing in some extra real estate with a mini fridge. These compact appliances can suit any space and still have ample room to comfortably house everything from extra soda cans and wine bottles to leftovers and groceries. They’re ideal for kitchens, garages, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and offices. A reliable mini fridge is great for dorm rooms when heading back-to-school, bedrooms or your office.

They’re not designed to work in temperatures below those in a home. It’s a good idea to buy a refrigerator thermometer and check the temperatures periodically. Don’t rely on one reading but take several over a few hours. To keep foods safe, the fresh food compartment should be no higher than 40 degrees F and 37 degrees F is optimal. Ideally, the freezer should stay at 0 degrees F or lower.

You can read more about how we evaluate mini fridges in our Lab — plus everything you need to know to shop for your perfect mini fridge for your dorm or office — at the end of this guide. When you’re using a mini fridge for snacks and beverages in your dorm room or home office, you want something small. Since this is a convenience item, affordability is also important. After taking apart fridges and talking to expert technicians, we found that there’s little difference between mini fridges. A mini fridge with a separate freezer is a great package for galley kitchens, dorms, and wet bars where you want to have all possible storage options.

Make the most of every inch with flexible storage, like hanging storage for cans, ways to instantly add shelf space, and bins that slide up and down. You can also free up shelf space by storing bulky items like milk in a gallon door bin. It can be difficult to find a fully-featured apartment fridge. Whirlpool® small space refrigerators don’t sacrifice features like Fast Cool, an ice maker with the Fast Ice option and electronic temperature controls. Some even end up purchasing two of these fridges to store side by side, using one as a fridge and one as a freezer. Frigidaire is a solid name in the refrigerator industry, and the 1.6-Cubic-Foot Compact Fridge is a great affordable, no-frills solution.

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If you’re looking for a compact refrigerator for your work space, look through a collection of fridges that will fit under your desks. It operates quietly, has an adjustable shelf and just enough space for water bottles, soda, homemade lunches, milk or coffee. Explore a variety of mini fridges in a range of styles and types. From full-size, full-width, half-width, cube-shaped, in-door, slide-out, see-through, two-door and two-liter, you are sure to find one for all your needs.

We may get paid by brands or deals, including promoted items. Son moved to a new shared apartment and thought a mini in his room would be good. Great for placing in cramped spaces or uneven surfaces , this sleek refrigerator whirlpool mini refrigerator livens up even in the most uninspired of dorms. The silver pull-handle and ornamental details give it a retro vibe, plus, it has a built-in side bottle opener, so you don’t need to rummage for utensils to crack one open.

Named for their cube shape, these models are basically bare-bones boxes with few conveniences and less than 2 cubic feet of space, offering the least value. This freezer includes a mini ice tray and a chiller feature, along with a defrost pan. The rounded doors with recessed handles give this appliance a clean, modern look, adding some personality to your space without becoming the focal point. When you load the fridge compartment with food, leave space for cold air to fully circulate around items. The Cooluli C20LDXW is definitely the cutest and smallest mini fridge we tested, with a total capacity smaller than most of the other mini fridge’s freezers.

Take note that while the hinge is not reversible, you can choose a left or right hinge when you order. All that being said, as long as your expectations are appropriately in check, a mini fridge can be a worthwhile investment. We tested almost 20 models from brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Igloo, and Kenmore to find the top performers. Here’s how to figure out which compact refrigerator is right for you. Snag a whopping three cubic feet of storage space without using a lot of energy with this Energy Star-certified mini fridge.