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However, the small dustbin means you’ll have to do a lot of dumping if your pets shed a lot. And if you are an allergy sufferer, it’s important to keep in mind that this model does not come with a HEPA filter. A long-lasting battery also has a significant impact on how convenient a cordless vacuum is. After all, if you’re carrying a cordless vacuum around the house, you don’t want to stop because it’s lost steam.

What makes this vacuum so versatile is that it uses Shark’s Lift-Away feature, which unlocks three cleaning modes. First, the ION P50 can work as an upright vacuum for deep cleaning on low pile carpets and hardwood floors. You can also detach parts of the vacuum to make it either a handheld vacuum for cleaning smaller areas in your home or car, or a stick vacuum that’ll fit under furniture and in other small areas on the ground. The Navigator provides a flexible swivel head feature, which makes it easy to clean under furniture. And while it’s less powerful for deep cleaning on carpets, the Navigator still works well on low pile carpets. You can easily shift between carpet and hardwood floor cleaning by tapping a convenient footswitch.

Even if you don’t love cleaning, your vacuum should make you hate cleaning less. To get the most out of a cordless vacuum, it’s best to pick one that is easy-to-maneuver in different spaces, is lightweight, and has strong battery power. In today’s day and age, it’s no longer necessary to wrestle with a long cord or change outlets as you move around your home. Because of this, we’ve observed an outsized demand on best cordless vacuums, rather than a traditional upright or canister vacuum.

Most Shark vacuums have several parts that need ongoing maintenance, depending on your usage. Your browser is not supported or outdated so some features of the site might not be available.

However, it’s worth noting that this robot vacuum doesn’t have a surface detection system that would allow it to change its suction power mode automatically. If you want to adjust its cleaning mode, you manually select it through its companion app for every cleaning job. There’s no onboard HEPA filter either, which isn’t the best option if you’re sensitive to fine allergens. Detach the lightweight hand vacuum in seconds and take on dust, pet hair, and more above the floor. The high power mode provides mighty suction power, although it can decrease the battery’s life.

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Shark produces a variety of different vacuum types at various price points. They’re smartly designed to reconfigure into a handheld design if you need a closer clean, and cordless options are available. When comparing their stick vacuums to Dyson’s offerings, Shark vacuums feel better built and sturdier. However, they also tend to have a similar but slightly worse performance on carpet. Their upright vacuums usually perform better on all surface types than BISSELL vacuums. For the allergy-conscious, the ION P50 model comes with a HEPA filter.

However, because this vacuum has an already impressive battery, the reduced battery life isn’t that big of a deal. The ION F80 also has a multi-flex feature, which means that by simply pressing a button, the vacuum bends so that you don’t have to. This feature is especially handy when you need to clean hard-to-reach areas on the floor, like under furniture. And since this vacuum bends, it can also collapse when you need to store it. In addition, the ION F80 can snap and transform into a handheld vacuum, which helps you to vacuum hard-to-reach or small spaces. Knowing where and what you’ll be cleaning is helpful when choosing a cordless vacuum, especially since Shark offers a large range of options.

The cleaning head also has lights on it, making it easy to see dust, pet hair, and other debris that you’d otherwise miss. The Rocket Pet Pro is a stick vacuum, which allows for easy cleaning under furniture. The Shark Rocket Pet Pro also detaches into a small, handheld vacuum, making it easy for dog owners to clean up their car after a joy ride with their four-legged family member. All of our recommended vacuums work on both hardwood and carpeted surfaces. However, some work best on only low pile rugs, while others can do well on both low and medium-pile rugs.

The ION P50 has a higher frequency pitch than many other vacuums though, making it seem louder than a typical vacuum. The Shark Rocket Pet Pro and the ION P50 both offer Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which means it traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum. These vacuums also come with a HEPA filter, which has the ability to catch up to 99.97% of dust and other airborne particles. This makes life easier for those with allergies or upper-respiratory conditions. If you are allergic to dust, animal hair, or have asthma, vacuuming can be incredibly challenging. Vacuums without anti-allergen filters can blow sneeze-inducing dust and particles right back into the room you’ve just cleaned.

Performance is superb on a wide range of surfaces, as it easily clears away debris on hard floors and low and high-pile carpet. It features two distinct surface settings, though they only change the speed of its brushroll and not the height of its floorhead, so it’s still liable to get stuck on rug tassels and thick carpeting. bissell crosswave cordless Fans of Shark swear by this DuoClean technology because it provides powerful suction and makes switching between hardwood floors and carpets as easy as the press of a button. That’s because there are two different types of motorized brushrolls, so you don’t need to change the floorhead when going from carpet to hardwood.