Q Series Gas Grills

Maybe I’ll get my own RV with the perfect-sized cupboard that I can stow one in. Perhaps the other will take up permanent residence on my balcony. The first portable grill I ever bought was a Weber Q100, the older version of today’s Weber Q1000. I bought it when I started this site back in 2011, and it actually was the reason I created this website. I think that’s quite handy, as it also protects from the elements, meaning your propane tank won’t rust out if you live in more humid areas. The significant difference between the Q3200’s compared to the Q1000 and Q2000 series is that they are not really portable.

Even though these are smaller grills, Weber still made sure that there was some shelf space with two fold-out shelves on both grills. You can have a plate for burgers when they are done sitting on one shelf. You can have a stack of cheese slices on the other shelf too. Our customer service reps are real people offering great service, backed by 8 weeks of hands-on training with all of our products. Email updates from our community of grill masters, food enthusiasts, and lovers of outdoor cooking. Sign up to receive new product news, exclusive offers, grilling tips & recipes, and more from Weber and its affiliates / subsidiaries!

So, in terms of cooking capacity, if you want to be able to cook more burgers at a time, opt for the Q2200. However, this extra cooking capacity obviously means that the Q2200 is the larger and heavier of the two. You also shouldn’t sleep on the new Weber Traveler which comes with a collapsible cart and more grilling space the even the Q2200.

While this measurement objectively lands in the middle of the grills we tested, it tends to be plenty of room for most travel-cooking needs. If you are just grilling up the meat portion, it is enough to cook 3-4 servings; if you are cooking just for two, it is ample room to grill up both meat and veggies. The sturdy handles extend far enough away from the grill body to make it reasonable to pick up and move even while lit.

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While it is incredibly easy to use, porcelain-enameled cast iron is meant to be treated with a level of respect commensurate with its cooking performance. Unlike a regular grill surface, you never want to use a wire brush, which will destroy the naturally non-stick coating. Instead, for heavy cleanings opt for a soft bristle or nylon brush. The grill surface itself weber charcoal grill also has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the Q 1200. Unlike so many other grills that are outfitted with a simple, stainless steel grate, the range of this barbecue is porcelain-enameled cast iron. While it is likely best known in its skillet form, this material is famous for heat retention and the resulting even distribution across the cook surface.

However, if you prefer the perfect fit of Weber’s disposable tin trays , you can get replacements for quite cheap. One of the major selling points of this grill is its two fold-out side tables, which are each 12.5 x 13.5 inches. They’re the perfect spot to place weber genesis 2 a plate, condiments, and grilling tools, and I used them pretty much every time I grilled. If you like the idea of the portable cart add-on, the Traveler comes with its own cart. It has one shelf instead of two, but it does come with built-in tool hooks.

The control knob, integrated into the regulator unit, is well-defined relative to propane output and easy to adjust. This means that the burner doesn’t need to crank out heat at nearly the same rate as other, less well-insulated grills. For retail purchases returned with a receipt, please return the unused and unopened item, with the original sales receipt, for a full refund or exchange. All returns with a gift receipt will receive a store credit for the amount of the item at the time of purchase.

The integrated thermometer — available from 150°F to 600°F — allows you to accurately monitor internal temperatures without having to lift the lid and lose critical heat. The regulator is integrated into the body and employs an infinite controller that is easily adjusted between clearly marked low, medium, and high settings. The Q series grills are designed for grilling, although there are cases of people roasting on them, grilling is by far the strength of this series. The cooking grate is made of porcelain enameled cast iron the burners are not inhibited by flavorizer bars so the grate gets direct heat from the flame. Weber creatively created the grates to ensure that any grease or drippings bypass the direct flame.