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The shredding gadget is configured to chop the reconstituted tobacco in accordance to a primary cut specification, whereby each minimize width and cut length are predetermined. The minimize strips are dropped onto a conveyor belt 38 arranged beneath the shredding gadget 36 and defining a group surface upon which the minimize strips fall out of the shredding device. Additional means T may be provided for tensioning the web of reconstituted tobacco as it is unwound off the bobbin. Further, the equipment 30 could comprise sensors 40 for detecting the moisture content material of the net of reconstituted tobacco upstream of the shredding device 36. In addition, the equipment 30 might comprise mass move controllers 42, 44 adapted to regulate the velocity at which the web of reconstituted tobacco is fed to the shredding system 36 and the velocity of the conveyor belt 38.

This document specifies a technique for determination of filling power for preparation of fine-cut tobacco smoking articles. Its leaves are 20 – 50 cm lengthy and vary in color from light brown to very darkish brown. When the lowest leaves are harvested, the entire plant can both be cut down and dried or the plant may be harvested leaf-by-leaf. A methodology according to any certainly one of claims 15 to 18, additional comprising conditioning the primary tobacco materials previous to slicing the first tobacco materials. A method according to claim 18, comprising controlling the moisture content of the minimize filler by adjusting the moisture content of the primary tobacco material. A tobacco reduce filler in accordance with claim 1 , additional comprising a second tobacco material cut in accordance with a second minimize specification differing from the first reduce specification for at least certainly one of reduce size and cut width.

In the embodiment of Figure 10, the two straight parts are considerably perpendicular. The cut strip of Figure 12 may be thought to be comprising three V-shaped constructions of the sort illustrated in Figure 1 , whereby adjoining V-shaped buildings are related by the ends of respective straight elements. In the embodiments of each Figures 10 and 12 the sectional reduce width inside all the constructions forming the reduce strips is substantially constant. A tobacco minimize filler based on any one of the preceding claims, whereby the minimize size distribution among the minimize strips of the first tobacco material is preferably unimodal. By method of example, the minimize strip of Figure 9 includes a primary Y-shaped construction including a primary branching node from which a second Y-shaped construction branches off.

As the name implies, it is simply a mixture of totally different tobacco sorts, cuts and flavors. They are easy to fill and smoke, and have higher robustness and taste variety than free minimize tobacco by itself. The first tobacco material could additionally be reduce into strips having any suitable shape, together with rectangular, trapezoidal, sinusoidal, Y-shaped, X-shaped and V-shaped.

In addition or as an alternative, the strategy could further comprise a step of adjusting the moisture content material of the second tobacco material. A home-made cigarette made using fine-cut tobacco could additionally be called either a Roll-Your-Own or a Make-Your-Own. This is determined by whether it’s rolled by hand using paper and tobacco, or whether it’s made using a cigarette-tube filling machine. Several completely different tobacco blends, totally different curing methodology and chopping strategies are used to make cigarettes. Cutting the primary tobacco materials in accordance with a primary minimize specification setting no less than predetermined first minimize width and first minimize length. [newline]A smoking article comprising a rod of a tobacco cut filler according to any one of claims 1 to thirteen. Figures 9 and 1 1 illustrate two examples of strips having a extra advanced, “hybrid” form, whereby strip buildings having the same or totally different form substantially branch off each other.

More ideally, the primary tobacco material is shredded into strips having a cut width of a minimal of about 0.25 mm. Even more ideally, the first tobacco materials is shredded into strips having a minimize width of no much less than about zero.three mm. In addition, or in its place, the primary tobacco materials is ideally shredded into strips having a cut width of lower than about 1 mm.

Where OV is the actual p.c oven volatiles of the pattern of tobacco cut filler and f is a correction issue (0.four for the check indicated). In RYO, the stem can either be separated from the lamina by hand (for hand-stripped tobacco) or the stem and lamina aren’t separated in any respect (loose-leaf tobacco) – this form is used for Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s Norwegian RYO brand Tiedemanns. A technique based on any one of claims 15 to 20, further comprising adjusting the moisture content of the second tobacco material. A fishbone-shaped strip is shown in Figure 6, whereas Figures 7 and 8 present two embodiments of rectangular strips. Abstract The quantity of tobacco which is necessary for the right filling of a cigarette is decided by different factors and significantly on the filling weight of tobacco rag at a given pressure. Some years ago the ”Centre d’Essais” of the SEITA developed an apparatus by which the filling weight being associated to the filling capability could be measured.

According to a facet of the present invention, there’s supplied a tobacco reduce filler comprising a first tobacco materials cut in accordance with a primary cut specification, wherein the first minimize specification units a minimal of predetermined first minimize width and first minimize size. U.S. Patent 6,568,104 assigned to Philip Morris Inc., New York, New York, USA. A process for making ready tobacco stem to be used as filler for a smoking article includes classifying the green tobacco stem by diameter to provide a plurality of stem grades and rolling every grade individually. Each grade is rolled under rolling conditions optimized for that grade together with rolling the grade by way of the nip between rollers with the nip measurement being adjusted for every grade so as to realize a uniform rolled stem thickness and the oven volatiles content material of the stem being adjusted earlier than the rolling.

In some embodiment, the minimize width distribution among the many cut strips of the primary tobacco material is preferably unimodal. In other embodiments, the cut width distribution among the many minimize strips of the primary tobacco materials may be multimodal, including particularly bimodal and trimodal. If a distribution has two or extra Filling cut tobacco modes, it’s generally referred to as multimodal. Particular examples are bimodal and trimodal distributions, which have two and three modes, respectively. Preferably, the primary tobacco material is shredded into strips having a reduce width of at least about 0.2 mm.

Filling cut tobacco

Because of the decreased tobacco fibre length inside the reconstituted tobacco materials, exposure to the identical treatments as tobacco lamina may degrade, to some extent, the reconstituted tobacco. By way of instance, throughout drying, the moisture content of reconstituted tobacco is tremendously decreased, leading to shrinkage of the tobacco particles forming the reconstituted tobacco sheet. Additionally, the cutting methods usually employed to convert the tobacco material blend into filler might lead to some lamination and compression of the reconstituted tobacco materials. All this causes a reduction in the filling energy of the treated reconstituted tobacco and, accordingly, of the tobacco cut filler as a whole. A mode of a discrete chance distribution, as is the case with the reduce length distribution among the reduce strips of the first tobacco materials is a worth at which the probability mass function takes a most value. Thus, in a unimodal distribution, the chance mass function only has one maximum value, and that corresponds to the more than likely value of minimize size .