The Casioak Isnt A Real G

The sword shaped hour and minute hands are the only components of the GA-2100 that are not red, thanks to some lume that could be stronger, so they stand out quite well. The twelve indices around the dial’s perimeter are in a slightly lighter shade than the dial’s base, and they’re raised, giving the dial… Continue reading The Casioak Isnt A Real G

The Casioak Isnt A Real G

Elsewhere in watches, Junghans is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Max Bill with a three-watch collector’s set. Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. “I want this watch to become a new staple of the G-Shock family,” Izumi says. “The G-Shock g shock watch is known for its robustness and… Continue reading The Casioak Isnt A Real G

Casioak Mod

This situation was the Casio equivalent to the Timex Q. The Casio G-Shock has historically been a watch that I haven’t been able to connect with. No matter the model, I could never find my zone. Dive watches and chronographs dominate his collection as he is a die hard tool watch fan. Will believes that… Continue reading Casioak Mod

Casioak Rose Gold

How are you surprised by this unavoidable consequence of a layered dial? Casio does provides a hand jump feature to move the hands if needed, but you didn’t mention it. Also, the size of the watch is clearly stated and you should have known that before purchasing. This is also one of, if not the… Continue reading Casioak Rose Gold

Casio G

The very first G-SHOCK — the DW-5000 — debuted in 1983. Its timeless design, perfected right from the beginning, was born of a pursuit of the ultimate toughness eschewing all hints of the extraneous. The double LED with high luminance brightly illuminatesthe baby g shock dial and LCD to ensure readability in the dark. With… Continue reading Casio G

Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100

If you are a seasoned G-Shock wearer then these watches will surprise you. They are noticeably slim and light-generating the immediate question of whether they can maintain the shock-resistant characteristics synonymous with the brand. The 45mm GA is 11.8mm high and the smaller GMA is a mere 11.2mm high. In practical terms, this means that… Continue reading Men’s Minimalist Watch Ga2100

Buy Casio G

I considered underplaying the importance of case material when it comes to a brand known for its iconic silhouettes but I quickly decided I was being ridiculous. The conversation of what makes any Casio feel truly great on the wrist cannot ignore something as integral to that experience as the case material. And acting like… Continue reading Buy Casio G

Buy Casio G

My model is a rather unusual unsanctioned limited edition of 50 pieces created by @lpedits. However, it gave me an insight into the wearing experience of a Casioak in resin and, I must say with my hand on my heart, I prefer it to the many G-Shock squares I own . The whole dial is… Continue reading Buy Casio G

Three Shades Of Casioak

By far the most distinguishing feature for the CasiOak is the octagon-shaped bezel. It’s done in a soft way that’s not too angular or awkward. The GA-2100SU-A1JF is my favorite variation with a screen-printed g shock watch camouflage pattern on top of the bezel. Fueled by the hashtag, the GA A1 quickly snowballed in social… Continue reading Three Shades Of Casioak