New Harry Potter K

The shoes comes adorned with enchanted keys that can be scanned on the Wizarding World app to give fans an additional surprise. Shoes are also wrapped in tissue paper made to look like a Daily Prophet newspaper. Each pair is designed to look like a Quidditch broom, and I must say, they look pretty dang… Continue reading New Harry Potter K

Harry Potter X K

For more cool gear, check outthis crazy LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System that is likely also destined to be ransomed on eBay. The sneakers come in a purple-and-royal-gold box that the shoes come in comes with packing paper that resembles the Daily Prophet newspaper. Additionally, 20 of these shoe boxes as part of orders exclusively in… Continue reading Harry Potter X K

Get Ready To Go Back To Hogwarts With The K

The sneakers are available in men’s and women’s sizes and cost about 120€. Registered Harry Potter Fan Club members can cop the sneakers on July 23rd. Gold members can even do so on July 22nd with a 24-hour pass as well as a 20% discount on sneakers and other products. All the rest can only… Continue reading Get Ready To Go Back To Hogwarts With The K

Made For Witches, Wizards And Muggles Alike! #backtohogwarts

The Court Pro II is a sleek, timeless style that moves easily from day to night. A low-profile sneaker with a leather upper, metal D-rings, our iconic 5-stripe logo and a stitched 3-piece toe. This is the ideal choice for those who want to effortlessly bridge the gap between sports shoes and suit shoes. With… Continue reading Made For Witches, Wizards And Muggles Alike! #backtohogwarts

Harry Potter Vans Hufflepuff

Before you start browsing the house collections, we highly recommend you know your Hogwarts House. Get sorted using the official Pottermore Wizarding World quiz here, authorized by Rowling and thought to be the ultimate sorting hat by Potterheads. Two four-shoe packs, one inspired by Hogwarts’ four houses and the other by their Quidditch uniforms. Brought… Continue reading Harry Potter Vans Hufflepuff

K Swiss X Harry Potter Classic Pro Childrens Trainers

You don’t get much more punk rock than bold canary yellow plaid hi-tops! The Hufflepuff House badger mascot is dotted throughout the plaid canvas pattern and a shiny black polyurethane upper finishes off the look. We reckon grunge-queen Auror and Hufflepuff alum Tonks would rock a pair of these. With the new season format that… Continue reading K Swiss X Harry Potter Classic Pro Childrens Trainers

Wynsors World Of Shoes

Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff add contrasting tones on the collar, while Ravenclaw keeps things tonal. Brown leather detailing and white midsoles finalize each shoe. Consumer Products and K-Swiss, which recently brought you the limited edition Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt Hypercourt Express 2. The shoe took inspiration in its design from the broom Harry received… Continue reading Wynsors World Of Shoes

Made For Witches, Wizards And Muggles Alike! #backtohogwarts

On this episode of K-Swiss Live, Omar and Barney are back to bring the latest news about the recent Harry Potter release, Cali Trail, and Black Voices Podcast. The lining of the tissue comes printed from the Daily Prophet with blurbs, and if you k swiss tennis shoes find a key stamped which is enchanted… Continue reading Made For Witches, Wizards And Muggles Alike! #backtohogwarts

Harry Potter X K

As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philly offers a range of wedding venues all over town, from whimsical outdoor spaces to elegant indoor areas. These Ravenclaw inspired hi-tops might just be man’s new greatest treasure. The silver, powdery blue, and white plaid canvas emblazoned with Ravenclaw House’s eagle mascot makes these kicks a wise choice for fashion-forward… Continue reading Harry Potter X K