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Dewalt Even if a lower grade, how can the price be 100% more? I mean, good vs best bearings are maybe a $1-$2 more. And to offer more detents on the base for mouldings… that can’t justify that cost difference. Burbro provides readers with informational content about a wide array of topics, ranging from product… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 79

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Dewalt 20v Max Miter Saw Review I did just that but when I tried to buy one they said that the safety material clamp was discontinued in 2007!!! Now I bought the saw about 4 or 5 years ago (I was told the saw I bought was discontinued in 2009!). Another great thing about this… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 901

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Dewalt Miter Saws Feel free to ask any questions you have about these three dewalt toolss, leaving these in the comments at the bottom of the article below, and I’d be more than happy to assist you. Want to read the entire article, but a bit short on time? I’ve created a quick overview of… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 947

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Dewalt Miter Saw Stand Amazon Tries to buy it from DeWalt and it has been discontinued. He never searched for said clamp on the net and it appears as though it may be available. On top of that I’m sure there are generic clamps that will accomplish what he wants. So because by the time… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 933

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Dewalt Miter Saw Complaint The batteries were plugged in during lunch break to give them an additional 30 minutes of charge time, but I’m not even sure that was needed. The saw has plenty of power for cutting framing materials including engineered lumber, even when running in the cordless mode. What stands out most about… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 848

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Dewalt Miter Saw If that didn’t matter, HF wouldn’t have made the Hercules look like Dewalt’s. They are basically trying to milk any profits they can from the Dewalt dewalt accessories name. The saw weighs 56 lbs., folds to a compact size and retails for $599. People have been asking for an update to the… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 857

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Miter Saws You could spend more but in my opinion this saw is capable of the finest cuts you’ll need to make especially if you upgrade from the 60-tooth to an 80-tooth or higher count blade. The saw doesn’t come with extension supports but a good work support stand is available from Dewalt, or you… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 951

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Dewalt Flexvolt 12 Inch 120v Miter Saw Review They don’t go into detail as what it is or how it works but it looks very similar to Dewalt’s then known XPS LED light system that uses LED’s to cast a shadow over the cut line. I’m going to assume this is how the Hercules precision… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 825

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Dewalt 12in Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw Aside from weight issues, both cord and cordless miter saws excel in doing the bevel cuts you need for your hobby. As this is a corded miter saw, you should expect to use it more towards heavy-duty work than lightweight tasks. If you don’t use your power saw… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 811

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Dewalt Miter Saws For Sale The lock lever needs just a downward push to lock the blade to any angle of miter cut. The table also stops at convenient detents for common cuts and for cutting crown molding flat against the table. If you need infinite variability, a bypass lever gets you free of detents… Continue reading dewalt miter saw 843