Stockx Logo

That in itself is a neat touch, and it’s these less traditional features that lend this piece fizz. It isn’t a cheap Royal Oak wannabe, it’s unmistakably a G-Shock – and it works as a watch on its own terms. If you were at school in the 1990s, you’ll remember G-Shock-wearing classmates slamming their watches… Continue reading Stockx Logo

Casio Casio G

They call it Carbon Core Guard structure because it is so light and strong. The whole watch comes in at just over 50 grams, which is insane for a watch. In addition to being one of the slimmest G-Shocks, the GA-2100 is also the lightest, weighing just 51 grams. That nickname should give you a… Continue reading Casio Casio G

Casio G

All the functions can take a bit of time to get used to, but they are otherwise quite straightforward. A clever feature that this watch has is an anti-block function that makes the hands change their position when you press the light mod. This is so you can read the digital screen even if the… Continue reading Casio G